Untold Truths About Background Checks

background checks

How do criminals get their guns? Do background checks keep criminals from getting guns? What happens when someone lies on the application to buy a gun? We must have factual answers to these common questions. It is especially true because of the legal implications and dishonest media providing untruthful information on the topic. What are…

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Biden Knows Best, Demands Gun-Control

biden pushes for gun control

Today, President Biden emerged from hiding and gave a real-life speech. It’s true he didn’t stick around for questions. However, to be fair the early bird special at Golden Corral isn’t going to last forever. The speech was addressing the biggest issue facing Americans. Something that he as president simply will not allow to continue.…

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Best Home Defense Gun, I Choose an AR-15

Okay, many people ask me: “what is the best home defense gun?” The answer requires a bit of an explanation so stick around, I’ll give you one. I don’t just choose my AR-15, I have multiple things that I’ve incorporated into my home defense strategy. I’ve put a strategy together beforehand. My AR-15 is my…

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Primary Arms SLx 1X20 Cyclops Prism Scope Review

I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I don’t do a lot of optic reviews. It’s not because I don’t want to do them, I just don’t usually get the opportunity as much as I do other gear. So when I got the CMMG Banshee and the Diamondback DBX in for review and needed an optic,…

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Arfcom Booted by Godaddy (And How to Safeguard Your Gun Website)

*Editor’s Note* The below article discusses the incident as well as what you can do to safeguard yourself from something similar from happening to you if you own a website or ecom store that sells guns and gear. Another day, another infringement. Our friends over at AR15.com received the boot from their hosting provider, the…

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Why I Think The ATF is Coming For Pistol Braces

I’d say that chances are good that you’ve heard at least some of what is going on with the gun maker Q, the pistol braces they install on their guns, and the BATFE sending a letter saying pistol braces are not ily dily with them. More information has recently come out from our good friends…

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