Constitutional “Permitless” Carry

Please note these important considerations:

  1. Constitutional Carry is NOT the same as permit reciprocity. States who have constitutional carry or permitless carry laws, place restrictions on those who carry under those laws. Put differently, having a valid and recognized permit means having fewer restrictions than carrying under constitutional carry provisions.
  2. Some states may only offer a constitutional carry provision for residents. Hover over the map below for relevant details on a state-by-state basis.

Summary for Constitutional Carry

Alabama:   Yes, effective Jan 1st, 2023
Alaska:   Yes. No permit is required to open carry or concealed carry for both residents and non residents. Open carry is 18+ and concealed carry is 21+.
Arizona:   Yes. This extends to both Arizona residents and non residents with no permit required to open carry at 18 and none required to concealed carry 21 and up.
Arkansas:   Yes. After some confusion surrounding Act 746 passed in 2013, the AR Court of Appeals decision on Oct 17th 2018 clarifies that "the mere carrying of a handgun is not a crime by itself absent a purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the handgun..." Thus unlicensed open and concealed carry is legal.
California:   No
Colorado:   No
Connecticut:   No
Delaware:   No
District of Columbia:   No
Florida:   Yes, Effective July 1st, 2023
Georgia:   Yes.
Hawaii:   No
Idaho:   Yes, for anyone 18+ who can legally possess a firearm.
Illinois:   No
Indiana:   Yes, effective July 1st, 2022
Iowa:   Yes
Kansas:   Yes. Both residents and non-resident may carry without a permit.
Kentucky:   Yes. Residents and non-residents 21 or older may carry concealed without a permit.
Louisiana:   Yes, effective July 4th, 2024
Maine:   Yes. Both residents and non-residents 21+ may carry concealed without a permit.
Maryland:   No
Massachusetts:   No
Michigan:   No
Minnesota:   No
Mississippi:   Yes, but with exceptions. A license is not required for a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver to be carried upon the person in a sheath, belt holster, or shoulder holster or in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case if the person is not engaged in criminal activity other than a misdemeanor traffic offense, is not otherwise prohibited from possessing a pistol or revolver under state or federal law, and is not in a prohibited location.
Missouri:   SB 656 allows for permitless concealed carry for anyone 18 years or older who may lawfully own a gun both residents and non-residents.
Montana:   Yes
Nebraska:   No
Nevada:   No
New Hampshire:   No permit is required for open carry or concealed carry and applies to both residents and non residents 18+.
New Jersey:   No
New Mexico:   No
New York:   No
North Carolina:   No
North Dakota:   Yes. Effective Aug 1, 2023 this applies to both residents and non-residents.
Ohio:   Yes, effective June 12th, 2022.
Oklahoma:   Yes, to be effective Nov 1 2019 law allows residents and non residents 21+, or 18+ and in the military, to openly or concealed carry without a permit
Oregon:   No
Pennsylvania:   No
Rhode Island:   No
South Carolina:   Yes
South Dakota:   Yes, no permit required to open carry or concealed carry for residents and non-residents 18+.
Tennessee:   Yes
Texas:   Yes, starting Sept 1, 2021
Utah:   Yes
Vermont:   Yes. The first state to offer carry without a permit simply because they have never had a permit program or required such a thing to carry. Both residents and non-residents 18+ may carry.
Virginia:   No
Washington:   No
West Virginia:   Yes. No permit is needed to open carry for residents and non residents 18+ and for concealed carry for residents and non residents 21+.
Wisconsin:   No
Wyoming:   Yes
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