What is the Legal Definition of Firearm, Receiver, Frame

When discussing or debating any topic, especially one as contentious as guns, it is essential that the people engaged in discussion use agreed upon terms. We can’t properly convey all we want to say to someone who speaks an unfamiliar language. In this way, our discussions will be futile if we can’t agree on the…

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SoftSeal: Amazing Ear Pro Upgrade | REVIEW, 1 Year Update

ear pro upgrade

Electronic ear pro for shooting is my favorite choice. However, wearing a muff-style ear pro for several hours can become uncomfortable because the ear pads are not exceptionally soft. These replacement ear pads from ReadyUpGear are amazingly comfortable. So much so; I guarantee you won’t go back to standard ear pro once you try them.…

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[Review] CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance, Read Before Joining

We think every concealed carrier should consider self defense insurance. These products cover associated legal fees in the event you need to defend yourself against criminal or civil legal action. CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance — To clarify, I use the term “insurance” when discussing CCW Safe and other similar products, even though the product…

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