Guide to Prescription Safety Glasses – Options and Recommendations

In this article, we focus on the options available, both good and bad, for shooters who wear prescription glasses. When shooting, protecting your eyes is very important. Seeing your sights and the target and being aware of the surrounding environment are also important. Since there is generally no immediate consequence of wearing poor and improper…

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Will Your Gun Go Down In Your Gunfight?

shooter ready challenge

I’ve been thinking about malfunctions a lot lately. In the training environment and at the static range malfunctions are frankly rare for me as I suspect they are for most of you reading this. Any quality firearm, well maintained, is going to have relatively few malfunctions. That said I see malfunctions often enough in gunfight videos and reports to…

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BarrelBlok vs Dummy Ammo, Which Dry Fire Tool is Best For You?

Dry fire practice is an essential component of firearm training, honing crucial skills with no live ammunition. In this realm, many dry fire tools flood the market, each serving distinct purposes to enhance proficiency. Among the array of options, two standout tools, the BarrelBl and dummy ammo, hold specific dry fire applications, with some functional…

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Benchmade Mini Barrage with box

BENCHMADE MINI BARRAGE: A SHARP, COMPACT KNIFE FOR EVERYDAY USE If you read my review of the Benchmade Mini Adamas posted last week, you know Benchmade sent me two knives. This review focuses on the second knife, the Mini Barrage. The Benchmade Mini Barrage is quite different from the Mini Adamas in many ways, so…

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