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Gun gear reviews about guns, holsters, safety gear, targets, and much more. Learn about the latest and greatest toys for American firearm owners.


Episode 248: Draw Fast…or Draw Slow??

Today Riley and Matthew talk about drawing from the holster in a different context, and context is what it’s all about for today’s episode. It is super critical to be comfortable with handling your firearm and being able to consistently and quickly draw from the holster and put shots on target. But is draw speed […]

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Holster Retention Levels and Why it Matters

Almost exclusively my method of carrying is concealed, using an inside the waistband (IWB) holster in the appendix position. There are rare times I may carry concealed in an outside the waistband (OWB) holster, but it is definitely not the norm. For many reasons, I find concealed carry preferable to open carry. And for those of you who […]

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guardian nation

August, 2018 Guardian Nation Gearbox Reveal

It’s August and that can only mean one thing if you’re a member of Guardian Nation: It’s time for the monthly GN Tactical Gearbox to be sent out. Before we get to the goodies in this quarter’s box, let’s go over some of the benefits that go along with being a Guardian. First, obviously, you […]

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