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1791 gunleather kydex

1791 Gunleather Ventures Into Kydex Holsters

Our good friends over at 1791 Gunleather, traditionally a leather gun holster maker, has recently made the announcement that they’re going into the polymer market. Specifically, “Tactical Kydex.” 1791 clearly thinks they can improve upon plastic holsters, which is shown when asked why they’re branching out into Kydex. CEO Ramiro M. Romani had this to say: […]

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Hi-Point Announces New Pistol For 2019

With newer leadership and a new logo apparently brings a new to market gun from Hi-Point Firearms. Details are pretty thin at this point, and there aren’t any pictures, but what we do know is that it’s a brand new offering. From the press release we were sent we know this will be a “high […]

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King Cobra

Colt Announces New King Cobra 357 Magnum Revolver

Colt recently announced the reincarnation of its magnum line of revolvers in the form of the King Cobra as a line extension of its 38 special chambered Cobra Revolver. After the Cobra was released in 2017 many revolver lovers and Colt aficionados begged for a .357 magnum version to follow, maybe even offering a Colt […]

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Episode 285: Researchers Credit CCW With Chicago Crime Reduction

Today Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. With legislative updates, general interest stories and analysis of JUSTIFIED SAVE events, situations where regular citizens were forced to stop violent attacks, robberies and sexual assaults by using their own lawfully possessed and carried firearms. Today’s […]

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