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The Gun Rights Rally in Columbus, Ohio on March 10, 2018 drew around 1000 well armed, law-abiding citizens.

Dear Mr. President …

  Dear Mr. President,   As I’ve done for the past two administrations, I thought I’d write you a letter sharing the concerns that I and so many others who are gun owners have. I have my doubts that you’ll ever even see this but I have to try anyway. Sir, you promised to be […]

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Diamondback DBX First Impressions

More guns than ever are being released in the 5.7 cartridge. Just to name a few, the Diamondback DBX (the topic of this review), the Ruger-57, and the latest offering from KelTec. However, the 5.7X28 cartridge has become somewhat of a unicorn as of late with in-stock prices rising to about 2$ per round, and […]

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