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2018-01-24 18.34.18

S&W Shield EZ Safety Recall

Smith & Wesson has issued a safety recall surrounding a batch of EZ pistols manufactured between March 1st and October 31st 2020. The identified problem occurred on firearms where a hammer was cracked and then failed to fully engage the sear. This can cause a round to fire, cycle the slide, and then continue to […]

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Concealed Carry VS Open Carry

Most folks opt to carry their guns hidden under the concealment of their clothing, which is also my main method of carrying. This means that you’re walking past hundreds of people every single day who may be carrying a gun that you don’t know about. Not all people carry this way though, because some opt […]

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The New Normal

I see a lot of on the internet about different things concerning guns, gun laws, gun rights, scarcity, etc. And I think it’s important to note a few things going forward that we all need to come to grips with. The sooner we accept these things the better off we’ll all be. This thing […]

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