Taxing Our Gun Rights-CA Gov Newsom Calls 10% tax a “Sin Tax”

California is always at the forefront of the national conversation on gun control, and Governor Gavin Newsom is a prominent figure in pushing for strict regulations. California’s plasticized Governor signed Assembly Bill 28 which directly assaults law-abiding American citizens’ by adding a state tax to firearm or ammunition purchases. California Assembly Bill 28— The federal…

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Understanding Gun Violence: Numbers, Context, and Solutions

gun confiscation

Gun violence is a subject that permeates American discourse, touching on media, politics, and public concern. Addressing this issue requires a careful examination of the numbers and a comparison to global statistics. To begin, let’s establish a clear definition of what constitutes “gun violence” and then ve into America’s specific statistics for 2022. What is…

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Unveiling ATF’s Abuse of Power: Revoking FFL Licenses

Concerns are mounting over the obvious abuse of power by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), particularly in the agency’s assault on Federal Firearm License (FFL) holders. Since Joe Biden to office, the agency has reved an unprecedented number of FFL licenses and the media remains mostly silent. The ATF’s abuse has…

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What to do With Autocrats Like Michelle Lujan Grisham?

governess bans 2a rights

New Mexico Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham did something exceptional last week. By going full autocrat, and claiming she would suspend the Second Amendment while declaring a ‘health emergency,’ the governess united some of the most ardent anti-gun and pro-gun figures across the country. Autocrat Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham- In an address, Governess Michelle Lujan Grisham—who…

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