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Are you currently or are you considering a full or part-time income as a firearm instructor? Getting certified to teach courses in your local area is the easiest part of launching your business. The bigger question to ask is how will you get students? Marketing your classes is the challenge that proves too difficult to overcome for many instructors. This is where can help. In addition to providing materials and experience to help your presentation, we also become the marketing arm to help bring you more students for each of your scheduled classes. For more established instructors who don't need help with marketing, you can generate extra income promoting some of our products. Learn more below.


1: A lot of gun businesses have an interest in increasing their revenue per student by promoting some of our products. Our affiliate program allows you to get a custom link that you can put on Facebook, send out via email, or put on a handout in your classes that, when clicked on by your student/customer will take them to purchase one of our products. If they buy, we pay you a commission. Commissions vary from 15% to 75% depending on the product. The whole thing is very sophisticated and you can track how many clicks and sales you have generated. Click here to register / apply.

2: We are always looking for professionals who would like to become one time or long term contributors to our blog and YouTube channel. We pay contributors per piece of content. Click here to learn more.

3: Instructors and other gun related business owners can promote their business via our national gun business directory. There are free and paid listing options. Click here to browse the directory. Click here to add your business.

4: We are also actively looking to partner with instructors that want to teach under our umbrella. We currently work with about 60 instructors in 26 states and we want to expand that footprint. For our instructors in our network and on our team, we do all the web stuff. We do all the online marketing and handle the online sales for the classes. We charge the student, keep a small share, and pay you the rest. If you are put off by that model or already have your own online shopping cart you don't want to walk away from, then the relationship won't work. On the other hand, if that sounds of interest fill out the form below and we'll give you a call to discuss how it works.

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