Man Disarmed And Shot With Own Handgun in Parking Lot

According to WSB 2 News, a man lost his life last week, when he chased after the person who disarmed him inside a Dunkin’ Donuts store. I think we can learn something from this tragic story. DeKalb County, GA Shooting— Witnesses said that around 9 AM, inside a Dunkin’ Donuts, the suspect noticed the victim,…

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Don’t Invite Criminals to Target You and Your guns

Before you put another sticker on your vehicle, stop and consider what type of information you’re providing to strangers who see it. I’m not blazing into any unfamiliar territory with this information. In fact, we’ve written about this topic before. However, this is the type of information that bears repeating from time to time. Lots…

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The Anatomy of a Negligent Discharge

unintended discharge

The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and safety conscious. No gun owner wants to fire a round unintentionally. That’s the reason it’s called an unintentional discharge. However, when we lo at any instance of an unintended discharge, we’ll find avoidable errors. Such is the case with a story I saw posted on a…

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