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Real examples of American gun owners who are justified legally in using their firearms in self-defense of themselves, others, or their property. Firearm related self defense is a reality and this is the proof.

ogden school

Kidnapping at Elementary School Stopped by Armed Teacher

An armed teacher intervened after a man attempted to kidnap an elementary school child from the playground. The teacher fired no shots, the suspect is in custody, and the child is physically unharmed. Stories You May Not Hear About Elsewhere: You may not have heard about this incident. Incidents involving the justified, life-saving use of […]

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complete home defense

Castle Doctrine: Elderly Couple Lives, 1 Home Invader In Critical Condition

The facts of an incident in Cathedral City, California, sound like what you would find in a Hollywood movie. The incident is a perfect illustration of the castle doctrine. A legal principle existing in every state, in some form. Yes, even in a state like California with many restrictive gun laws, castle doctrine reigns. […]

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