Will Your Gun Go Down In Your Gunfight?

shooter ready challenge

I’ve been thinking about malfunctions a lot lately. In the training environment and at the static range malfunctions are frankly rare for me as I suspect they are for most of you reading this. Any quality firearm, well maintained, is going to have relatively few malfunctions. That said I see malfunctions often enough in gunfight videos and reports to…

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Grip Strength, Handguns, and Gender Differences

Did you know that studies show grip strength has a relationship with cardiovascular and overall health? I’m not a doctor, so I’ll stay in my lane and aim the conversation towards firearms. Let’s examine the following questions: What is grip strength, and how to measure it? Is grip strength important for shooting handguns? Do men…

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Shooter Ready Challenge, August 2023

August 2023 Shooter Ready Challenge We’ve been publishing dry fire training and challenge videos since October 2019 to help the average gun carrier take their skills to the next level. This series of videos is called “Shooter Ready Challenge,” and it’s entirely free to watch and take advantage of. Each segment of the Shooter Ready…

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National Preparedness Month: The Gun Owners Role

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It seems like each month is ‘national this or that month,’ and it’s pretty hard to keep track, even if you wanted to. So, in case you weren’t aware, September is National Preparedness Month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the organization, along with 3,000 global, national, regional, and local governments,…

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