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Articles about basic and advanced firearm training. Draw technique, marksmanship, laser simulated, dry fire, range, and much more.


Handheld VS Weapon Mounted Lights

Do you want a handheld or weapon mounted light? The answer is both. The debate over which light you should DEPLOY is not a debate over which is BETTER over the other. It is best to have both a handheld and a weapon-mounted light because both have their own independent advantages and if I have […]

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Episode 238: Interview With Shooting Powerhouse Couple Ryan and Dianna Muller

Today Riley interviews Ryan and Dianna Muller, pro-shooters and all around amazing people. Ryan is an engineer and does a lot of consulting work in the industry especially for F1 Firearms which are quite distinctive AR-15 platform rifles. Dianna does a lot of work with her organization, The DC Project. She also just recently returned from winning […]

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