5 Home Defense Carbine Handling Tips

Five tips to equip and handle the home defense carbine If you use an AR15 or another carbine for home defense here are here are five suggestions to equip and handle yours for maximum benefit. Sling it — The market has vastly improved both choices and functions of slings in recent years. A two-point sling…

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Glock 42, Still The Best .380 Self Defense Pistol?

glock 42

Glock 42 Review Is this the ultimate .380 concealed carry gun? A few years back, before the advent of the Glock 43 and later the Sig Sauer P365 that would later steal my heart and occupy my IWB holster. A friend and I enjoyed an after-class beverage with an instructor, Jerod Johnson. He’s earned my…

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Gun Review: Windham Weaponry RP11SFS-7 Pistol

ar pistol

There’s a lot of truth to the adage “I carry a pistol so I can have something to fight with until I can get to my rifle.” The superior ballistic performance of a rifle, including self-defense applications, is undeniable. But as the adage implies, rifles come with their own issue—they’re so darn big. Windham has…

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Three Gun Defense Myths—Busted

When it comes down to those rare instances for which we carry a concealed handgun or keep that 12 gauge by the bed, there are some urban legends about personal defense with a firearm that persist. Many of these erroneous beliefs thrive both within and outside the gun-carrying populace. Let’s get to myth-bustin’. Myth #1:…

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Kahr T9 Elite Review: Unique From The Inside Out

The T9 Elite is a relatively new release from Massachusetts handgun maker Kahr Arms. As the name implies, it’s an upgraded version of their T series handgun, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. The 40-caliber firearms in the up are called T40; the 9mm chamberings are called T9. All are members of the company’s Premium…

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Two Glock 9mm or 380 Gadgets That Actually Help

In a happy coincidence, I was recently gifted with Advantage +1 followers that purportedly make room for an additional round in most Glock 9mm and 380 magazines. Reviewing those gave me a chance to rendezvous with another gadget I’ve had for a while, but is a perfect complement to the +1 followers:  the GTX Glock…

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