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A SWAT T fits nicely into a cargo pocket. The fastest, easiest way to carry a TQ

Got Training, Got Tourniquet, Now Where To Put It? Four Ideas For TQ Carry

Today’s concealed carriers are, at least by my observations, an increasingly sophisticated lot, expanding their skills repertoire beyond shooting to include disciplines like facility security, team tactics, and emergency medical intervention. Pursuant to that, many who carry guns, including myself, now carry tourniquets (TQs) too. With proper training on the tourniquet of your choice, your […]

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5 Home Defense Carbine Handling Tips

Five tips to equip and handle the home defense carbine September is Disaster Preparedness Month, and a useful tool for disaster situations is a carbine for protection of home and business. Here are five suggestions to equip and handle yours for maximum benefit. Sling it The market has vastly improved both choices and functions of […]

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