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Team Never Quit Frangible 9mm HP is similar in appearance to jacketed hollow point ammo. Photo-courtesy of Lucky Gunner

Is Frangible Ammo Good For Concealed Carry?

Frangible: the most overlooked option for concealed carry ammo Frangible ammunition, made of pressed powder that can include copper, tungsten, or other materials, has long been considered a niche product for shoot house training. It has the advantage, in training situations, of performing and feeling just like traditional ammo, with the key trait of disappearing […]

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Breath: The Most Underrated Shooting Fundamental

Stance. Grip. Sight alignment. Sight picture. Breath. Trigger press. Follow through. These are the seven fundamentals that every competent shooter applies, even if they don’t call them by those labels. There is plenty of information around about developing skills for six of the fundamentals. But where concealed carry is concerned, breath is often ignored. That’s […]

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Walther PPQ SC Review

Walther Arms’ latest is a gun you’ll want to check out. The PPQ SC (sub compact) is a scaled-down 9mm version of the brand’s popular PPQ model, and it packs an impressive list of features for both the range and Everyday Carry (EDC). Walther PPQ SC: What’s so exciting about the PPQ SC? In a […]

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