Three Reasons to Merge Your Firearms and Medical Training

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a trend toward citizen defenders adding emergency trauma skills to their toolbox. That same drive to protect life against an attacker should motivate us to protect life through timely medical intervention. There are many great trainers that specialize in one or the other. However, there are some added…

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Treating a Minor Injury on the Range is Important

mountain man medical applying a TQ

Last month, our company held the second annual Guardian Conference. A 3-day training event that provides plenty of live-fire range time. With hundreds of people on the range over two years, the odds are great that we would see at least some minor injuries, and we have. Treating injuries and medical conditions, no matter how…

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Should You Give Medical Aid to Someone You Just Shot?

mass shooting medical treatment

People often ask me if a person who shoots someone should also give medical aid to that person. I think the question is valid and worth some consideration. Should you help someone you shot unintentionally — Let’s start with an unintentional shooting victim. Maybe the person you shot is a friend or family member, a…

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2 New Trauma Kits Specifically Designed For the Outdoors

Our partner company, Mountain Man Medical, has released two new trauma kits explicitly designed for those of us who hear the call of the outdoors. If you’re not familiar with Mountain Man Medical, here is a quick introduction. Trauma Kits for Outdoorsmen: The overarching goal of Mountain Man Medical (MMM) is to get high-quality trauma…

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