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Firearm relevant updates and news stories for American gun owners. Stay up to date on what is happening around you that effects your everyday concealed carry habits.


Episode 123: Video From Gas Station Shootout and MORE

In today’s news: Ohio is considering legislation that reduces penalties for CCWers that make mistakes, New Jersey State Police is suing a major gun manufacturer over apparent faulty equipment, and ISIS may be considering using gun shows as a way to obtain weapons for an attack. Meanwhile, in Oregon, they passed a law recently that […]

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Episode 121: “Don’t Make Me Pull My Piece” Robber Gets a “Piece”

In today’s news: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signs campus carry legislation into law, Texas LTC permit prices are going down, Florida passes legislation that finally removes the 3-day waiting period on handgun purchases, and more. Plus we cover some fantastic JUSTIFIED stories today including one where a man stops an assault and robbery against his […]

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Springfield Armory Boycott

Cannibalism In The Firearms Industry [Opinion]

In the last week my internet feeds have blown up with a couple of stories.  One in particular has me perplexed.  Not because of the news itself, nor the frustration from some that is rightfully being vented, but the outright hatred that came spewing out from so many of “us” immediately upon the release of […]

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