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Firearm relevant updates and news stories for American gun owners. Stay up to date on what is happening around you that effects your everyday concealed carry habits.

sen cory booker

Dem Senators Propose Radical DOJ Gun License Requirement

To describe the legislation proposed by Democratic Senators Boer, Blumenthal, and Menendez as anti-gun is an amazing understatement. To call it un-American, anti-freedom, or flat out unconstitutional, is accurate, but still isn’t strong enough. The Pitch to Amend Title 18 — Failed Presidential Candidate, Sen. Cory “Spartacus” Boer (D-N.J.) said this about the proposed amendment […]

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glynn county police

When is a Punch Considered Deadly Force?

A seventeen-year-old is facing a manslaughter charge after an April 21 fight in Brunswick, Georgia. No, he didn’t shoot anyone with his everyday carry (EDC) handgun. The young man didn’t stab the person with his knife. He punched a 41-year-old man one time. The incident resulted in the older man’s death. There are a couple […]

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gov kemp signing constitutional carry bill

Georgia Becomes 25th Constitutional Carry State

On April 12th Governor Kemp of Georgia signed two pro-freedom bills. The most notable, Senate Bill 319 removes the license requirement for a law-abiding adult to carry a concealed handgun. By Signing SB 319, Georgia becomes the 25th state overall and the 4th state in the first 4 months of 2022 to pass a constitutional […]

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