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Firearm relevant updates and news stories for American gun owners. Stay up to date on what is happening around you that effects your everyday concealed carry habits.

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Survey Numbers Not Good for Gun Control Zealots

The following survey results may be disturbing to some audiences; reader discretion is advised. The numbers from a December 2021 Trafalgar Group survey seem to say that on one question dealing with gun control laws, an overwhelming majority of voters of all political ideologies think they aren’t helping. Clear and Transparent — Often, people present […]

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Internet Technician Solves Warning Shot Mystery

An incident in Missoula, Montana, leads to the arrest of one woman and many people without internet service. Between the Concealed Carry Podcast and the content we publish on the site, we’ve gone on the record to denounce firing warning shots as dangerous, unnecessary, and potentially criminal too many times to count. However, I think […]

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