Is Tulsi Gabbard an Alt-Right Second Amendment Extremist?

As of 2021, Tulsi Gabbard is no longer the State Representative of Hawaii, and just recently she left the Democratic Party, calling herself an Independant. I just found out that Tulsi Gabbard has a video show on YouTube appropriately titled, The Tulsi Gabbard Show. In a recent episode, Gabbard said: …my views on the Second…

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Why Does Anyone Need an AR 15 Rifle?

AR15 ban

When was the last time you heard that AR 15 assault rifles and other weapons of war have no place on our streets? Will banning or highly regulating all AR15 rifles make the average citizen safer? And who needs an AR 15 anyhow? Finally, what are the top reasons for owning an AR 15? I…

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Bloomberg’s “Wear Orange” Anti-Gun Campaign Flops

If you didn’t dress yourself up like a tangerine on June 4th, 5th and 6th, well, you’re forgiven. No one paid much attention to the call that people dress in orange to “demand a change” regarding “gun violence.” What is the WearOrange Campaign? Wear Orange Weekend is apparently one of the sacred holy days for…

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