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Complacency and Firearms, a Dangerous Combination

Chances are, you have heard someone say, ‘complacency kills!’ But this statement isn’t meant for us to take literally… right? Well, I actually think complacency can lead to tragic outcomes. Therefore, we should guard against it in all aspects of our lives. Complacency is common: Complacency is insidious and creeps up without us recognizing it. […]

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BarrelBlok – The Indispensable Dry Fire Practice Tool

If you conduct any dry fire practice as part of your firearm training, a little-known product called BarrelBl should find its way into your Christmas Stocking this year. Why the need? I won’t bore you with a rant about how vital dry fire practice is. But, suffice to say, we’ve published numerous posts on the […]

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loved one is against concealed carry

When a Loved One is Against Concealed Carry

Close family or spousal relationships can be challenging to navigate at times. Recently I spe with a young man who had just turned 21 and was getting into concealed carry. He told me that his parents were adamantly against him carrying a handgun. The young man didn’t live with his parents but respected their opinions […]

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tannerite lawnmower

Can I shoot in My Backyard in South Carolina?

If you live in South Carolina and like to shoot, you may have wondered if you can shoot your firearm in your backyard. I’ll try to give some guidance on this. First things, first. The context of this article has to do with shooting recreationally. If you’re defending yourself or someone else on your property, […]

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