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using barrel block with dryfire

10 Occasions to Use a BarrelBlok, & 4 Instances you Shouldn’t

Because of its simplicity, it’s easy to overlo the tool’s versatility, importance, and effectiveness. If you aren’t familiar with BarrelBl, I’ll give you a quick description of the device that I believe should come installed in every new gun. Now if you have a BarrelBl, I’m going to list some applications for using a BarrelBl […]

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0704 range medicine

S7E4 – Discussing Range Medicine with Brian McLaughlin

Matthew Maruster interviews Brian McLaughlin of Mountain Man Medical. The guys discuss the brand new Range Medicine Course produced through a collaboration between Mountain Man Medical and Tactical Medical Solutions. Brian will discuss the importance of the new curriculum and a preview of what he will teach this September at the 2022 Concealed Carry Guardian […]

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mantis laser training

How to Dry Fire Safely When You’re Away From Home

Dry fire practice is such an important part of building and maintaining your pistol skills. Many of us perform dry fire practice several times a week or , and even set up a special area in our homes where we can safely practice. But is there a safe way to conduct dry fire practice when […]

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Protecting loved ones or innocent people may be a reality in a defensive gun use. Training with your family on how to respond to different incidents is important.

Why Take Advanced Training

So you’ve gone to the store and bought a shiny new (or not shiny, depending on your tastes) handgun, did the responsible thing and to your concealed carry permit class, and you’re now good to go. Right? You can now carry your gun wherever you’re allowed to, based upon the state in which you live. […]

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