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Man Shot 3 Times by Woman He Tried to Rob

A Cincinnati prosecutor decd to charge the store owner in the death of a man attempting to rob her store in January. The robbery occurred at 4:30 p.m. at the Glenway Pony Keg in Cincinnati, Ohio when James Douglas entered and told the store owner he would kill her if she didn’t give him all […]

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Benchmade Assists Local PD With Destroying Guns, Irks Loyal Customers

Through a social media post on the Oregon City Police Department’s page people learned late yesterday of a recent event where the popular Benchmade Knife Company assisted the department with the disposal of a number of firearms. The response from customers has been immediate and swift with most expressing anger and disappointment with the […]

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Mossberg MC1sc

Mossberg MC1sc Review: Initial Impressions

Welcome to my Mossberg MC1sc review. What follows are my initial, first impressions of shooting 150 rounds through a gun they sent me. This review is far from over as I plan to shoot at least another 500 rounds of ammo through it. I’ll update this article, as necessary. I was sted when I heard […]

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All About Gun Cleaning: SHOP Talk with Riley Bowman

Our SHOP Talk series has gotten a ton of great feedback from everyone who watches these live shows. So, we’ve decided to make it a regular thing. This time around, it’s all about cleaning our concealed carry guns. Personally speaking, one thing that doesn’t take place enough in my own gun collection, is me cleaning […]

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Episode 294: The Enemy Within the NRA, Adam Kraut

Today Riley and Matthew interview Adam Kraut, attorney-at-law and host of “The Legal Brief” on The Gun Collective. Adam works on legal cases surrounding firearm and Second Amendment law. Right now his firm is leading the charge on suing the Federal government on the recent bumpstock ban ATF ruling. Adam is also running for the NRA Board of Directors for […]

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SHOT Show 2019 Wrapup

SHOT Show 2019 is behind us, and what a crazy time it was. I’ve got a few of these shows under my belt now, but can say that this was the most stressful one by far. As you read from our company President, Jacob Paulsen, our website was attacked hard receiving over 5 million hits […]

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