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  • tropic vest
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CCC's design appears tailored for style instead of gun concealment. However, it is cut low enough to hide even an outside the belt hoster with no side vents where the gun butt could catch and become exposed. Tailoring and materials are pleasing.

~ Massad Ayoob, Complete Book of Handguns

I wore my CCC vest throughout the entire event (National Tactical Invitational) and it performed wonderfully. I've been wearing it (Tropic Vest) ever since.

~ John Farnam, Defense Training Institute

Designed for gun carrying, CCC's vests have all of the features one could want, including comfort and an innocuous appearance. I've worn one of these vests for months and enthusiastically endorse them.

~ Keith Pridgen, Complete Book of Autopistols & Gun World

Concealed Carry Clothiers' vest design prevents you from becoming immediately labeled, unlike other "adventurer wanna-be" styles in the marketplace.

~ Warren Butler, S.W.A.T. Magazine

The CCC vest looks "normal" and low key. It's really a "ninja" vest in the sense that...it blends. This is a very well-made and thought-out garment.

~ Ralph Mroz, Concealed Carry Handguns

The Lightweight Tropic CCC vest can hide a pistol in the hottest weather.

~ Dave Spaulding, Combat Handguns

This is my 6th vest. They look good & wear well. I carry outside the belt & these vests conceal with no problem whatsoever. Thanks for a really nice product.

~ Zack T - TN

I did receive the 2 replacement vests yesterday and they are a perfect fit. Thank you very much for your very, very timely response to my request. It is hard to believe that this kind of service can be acheived these days. Well, I am not going to forget it and definitely will pass the word to my fellow officers (all Federal types).

~ Larry

Thanks. I enjoyed talking with Walt, and looking at your products. Since we (USFWS Special Agents) are a plainclothes force, your vests are an attractive way to conceal handguns, cuffs, oc spray, etc.


The Tropic Vest is still getting used to this day. It's a good cover garment alternative to photojournalist's vests or jackets. The Tropic is light, comfortable and roomy. It's an essential piece of concealment wear.

~ Rich Grassi, Harris Publications

The delivery of my new vest was amazingly speedy. The new Tropical vest has some mesh lining and a vented back that my original vest did not have. Nice additions. Everything else is the same high quality as before. I wish to thank you again for your efficiency, attention to detail and quality product.

~ Gordon L

Just received my Charcoal Leather Vest and am absolutely and thoroughly amazed... not that I was doubting you in any way, but this is truly the FIRST time I have been so COMPLETELY pleased with an article of clothing, be it suit's jackets or what have you.... whether it be site unseen or tried on in the store... I have NEVER been so satisfied!

~ Tim - MO