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PSA Media Days – Day 1

I’m knee deep in Palmetto State Armory’s Media Days in Super Hot South Carolina. In the wet, sweltering heat we all bre down into four different groups of people and shot at various stages throughout one of the nicest gun ranges I’ve ever been to. (More pictures will follow after I get to a better […]

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Woman Fights Off Returning Robber

Warren, Ohio – A mother returning to her home on Willard Ave. needed her concealed carry gun to protect herself from a robber on Monday morning. The 40-year-old woman told the Tribune Chronicle that she had just pulled into her detached car garage at around 11:50 a.m. when a man wearing a red shirt and tan pants […]

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Arsonist Killed After Stabbing Victim with Broken Glass

Houston, Texas — A man is dead after setting fire to a house in Houston, then stabbing a woman multiple times.According to Houston Police Department (HPD) Homicide Detective Jerry Young, a woman located in a home in the 300 block of E. 35th St., called 911 the morning of last Wednesday to report an individual […]

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