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Other Self-Defense Options

There are times when you might not be able to carry your gun for one reason or another. Or maybe you want to use a less-lethal tool for self-defense. Either way, it’s a good idea to have some other self-defense options, as well as the knowledge on how best to use them. The biggest thing […]

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484 chuck haggard

Episode 484: Less Lethal Options with Chuck Haggard

Today, Riley Bowman sits down with “Legendary Lawman” Chuck Haggard to discuss less lethal options for every defensive-minded man and woman to consider. We will likely also talk about managing unknown contacts as well, time permitting. These are some topics Chuck will be teaching about at the 2021 Guardian Conference in Oklahoma City. We hope […]

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Gun Control Bills on the Move

We all knew it was coming and it seems as if the time is now here for the anti-gun politicians to make an attempt at ramming some gun control legislation through. I’m hearing chatter on all of the channels I follow and get news from who are saying that next week may be big for […]

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