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Regulating or Banning Body Armor Is Just Plain Stupid

I saw today that Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) says he is planning to introduce legislation that would require FBI background checks for civilians to purchase body armor. I read it three times thinking I must have misread something. After all why would anyone want to make illegal a purely defensive tool? Well, apparently Sen. Chuch Schumer […]

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Episode 342: Surviving a Mass Shooting – Part 2

Today, Riley and Jacob continue the discussion about the recent mass shootings that happened in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. We talk about strategies for prevailing if you ever find yourself in one. And we also talk about how to avoid getting mistaken as a “bad guy” by cops in the chaos if you […]

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Why I Don’t Use The Term “Mass Shooter” Anymore

This may sound nitpicky, but I’ve lately convinced myself that I don’t really like the term “mass shooter” to describe when someone goes into a building with the intent to kill a lot of people. Let me explain why. First off, I’m a shooter. I go to the range on a regular basis to go […]

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guns too big to carry concealed

How and Where To Sell A Gun

I may be the least qualified person to talk about the topic of selling guns. After all, I’ve been a gun owner since I was about 10 and have only sold two guns, and traded one for another. The rest of my guns I either still own, or are test guns that sadly must go […]

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CTJJ5N Front view of a Walmart supercentre store exterior sign logo Ontario Canada  KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 05/2012. Exact date unknown.

Walmart, President Trump, And The NRA

There is so much news coming out this week it’s almost hard to know where to start. It’s a , really. Some good, some bad. We’ll start with what’s going on with America’s largest brick and mortar retailer, Walmart. Walmart CEO Backs More Gun Control As we remember, two mass murders to place at two […]

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warning shots

Warning Shots Rarely Work Out, As Seen Here

In this article we’ll discuss the dilemma of warning shots and give another example of why they do not work. This is a two part article. The first part is a news story highlighting a real life scenario of someone who used a warning shot out of fear for his own life. The second part […]

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