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Here I am at SIG's range day last year shooting downrange.

Shooting Guns on Private Property in Texas

There are so many laws that regulate shooting guns. If you live in Texas and own firearms, you might have wondered if you can shoot guns on your private property. And if so, how can you make sure you do it legally? Well, the answer to the last question depends on some factors. Let’s break […]

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sig p365 vs hellcat

Lawsuit: Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat

Many folks who shoot guns argue over which guns are best for concealed carry. One such comparison is the Sig Sauer P365 vs. the Springfield Armory Hellcat. As far as that is concerned, I’ll hold my opinion for another time. That said, now attorneys will have to litigate a dispute between Springfield and Sig Sauer. […]

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glock 42

Glock 42, Still The Best .380 Self Defense Pistol?

Glock 42 Review Is this the ultimate .380 concealed carry gun? A few years back, before the advent of the Glock 43 and later the Sig Sauer P365 that would later steal my heart and occupy my IWB holster. A friend and I enjoyed an after-class beverage with an instructor, Jerod Johnson. He’s earned my […]

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gun confiscations and red flag law

2020 California Gun Confiscations Up

Known for its beautiful beaches, fantastic weather, California boasts a plethora of gun control laws. For gun owners living in the state, however, things continue to dec. A report indicates that law enforcement executing red flag gun confiscation orders seized a record number of firearms in 2020. In January of 2016, California’s red flag law […]

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Glock logo

Study in 40 Years of Glock Perfection

So I know this article will divide the readers into those who are with me and think I am the most brilliant dude ever and those who think I must have had a lobotomy before writing. But, wherever along the spectrum you find yourself, we all are entitled to our opinions, and here is mine: […]

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