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Would You Prefer I Lie? – A Rant About Gun Reviews

I feel compelled to write this article after a recent gun review I did that received some to the contrary of my recommendation. I mean, how could I recommend a gun that wasn’t manufactured by one of the big 5 gun manufacturers? The big 5, if you’re curious, are as follows in no particular […]

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Why We Say “Head On A Swivel,” And When People Attack

Criminals suck, and you need to keep your head on a swivel to ensure you’re not about to turn into a victim. This statement, head on a swivel, is also known as “situational awareness.” Why do we say you need to keep your head on a swivel, and/or have proper situational awareness anywhere you go? […]

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Episode 349: News & Gear Reviews – KelTec P17

Today Riley and Jacob talk about some new products coming to market including an exciting and very affordable new pistol from KelTec. We discuss the surge in recent gun sales and why, and we talk about some Walmart-related issues including how Walmart management got involved with Bloomberg than a decade ago, AND we give […]

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Image taken from officer's bodycam

OK and TX Officer Involved Shootings Show A Pattern

Before I go any further I want to be clear that I support law enforcement and the job they have to perform. The large majority of officers serve proudly and with honor. And I’m not trying to pass judgment on any of the cops that were involved in the incidents I’m about to retell, but […]

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