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S5E02 Dry Fire

S5E2: Dry Fire – 3 Challenges and 7 Solutions

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen talk about some of the challenges associated with dry fire practice and then propose a bunch of solutions for overcoming those. We can attribute obtaining much of our skill to regular, effective dry practice, now let’s make sure we’re doing it safely and maximizing our time doing it. Tune in!

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atf gun control

ATF Seizes Firearms From Amish Dairy Farmer

An Amish dairyman living in Pennsylvania had his firearms seized by the ATF as part of an investigation. Here is what we know so far about this “gun bust.” ATF Raids Cattail Foundry — According to the Lancaster On website, on January 12th, the ATF seized firearms from “Cattail Foundry,” a farm operated by Reuben […]

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S5E01 Carjackings DGU

S5E1 – JUSTIFIED SAVES – Carjackings Extravaganza

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES (Defensive Gun Uses) including the successes and the failures. We discuss the unique circumstance where recently two state congresswomen have been carjacked as crime continues to rise and become bold. Also an important lesson and reminder of the importance of target identification and family […]

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Uber Gun Policy

Firearm in an Uber – Uncovering their Policy?

Many of you have likely read stories of drivers or passengers who were armed and forced to use their firearms to defend themselves against various threats over the years, but if Uber had its way these defensive gun uses would have never happened in the first place, because you wouldn’t be armed at all.

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dry fire unintended discharge

When Dry Fire isn’t “Dry” – I Don’t Remember Loading the Gun

Handling firearms comes with substantial risk. Unfortunately, the risk doesn’t disappear just when we leave the range. Many unintended discharges (UDs) occur when people conduct dry fire practice. For this reason, we decided to reach out to gun owners and peruse the internet for stories of unintended discharges while conducting dryfire practice. We compiled a […]

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