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Are Gun Shops Essential Businesses?

It should go without saying that gun sales are up across the country. In addition, ammunition is nearly impossible to find. A shortage has caused prices to skyrocket, and there is no end in sight for these high prices and the shortage. This is the new normal for ammunition, and there’s nothing we can do […]

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Not all ammunition is suitable to use in your AR for home defense.

eCommerce Stores With Some Stuff Still Available

Okay, so in case you’ve been living under a rock, the world is in a bit of chaos right now. I say it like that because I still see some people on the gun groups asking where they can get ammo and why nothing is in stock. For some reason, they don’t know what’s going […]

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Episode 400: New Gun Owner’s Checklist

So…you bought a gun…now what? Today, Riley Bowman, Jacob Paulsen, and Matthew Maruster get the whole gang together to talk about where and how to get started as gun owners. Even if you’ve owned guns your entire life, chances are there’s something in this episode you didn’t think of or know about.

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