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Remington’s High Bidders Announced

The bids for what is left of Remington have been announced and released for us to see. The highest bidders “winning” certain assets are interesting to say the least. We reported a couple of weeks ago that JJE, the parent company of Palmetto State Armory placed a bid to acquire Remington’s ammunition brand during Remington’s […]

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Security of your home is everyone's responsibility. Similarly, they should know the family's response plan.

Home Invasion Story Highlights Classic Door Ambush

Waukegan, IL — The Waukegan Police Department was called out to a home invasion this past week and arrived on scene to find two male bodies laying in the front yard, deceased. The incident to place at the 100 block of Frolic Avenue at about 10 am when two men attempted to gain entry to […]

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New Concealed Carry Podcast, Called: Off Duty On Duty

It’s my pleasure to announce that the Concealed Carry Podcast Network has grown a bit by adding a new show to the up. The new podcast is called Off Duty On Duty. The podcast features a host who has several years of experience as a police officer and gun instructor. As of this writing […]

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True Empowerment For Women Means Guns For Them All

Last week as I sat at my desk and wrote a story about a brave young woman who used her gun to stop a suspected murderer armed with a knife, I thought I’d write about the topic of women and gun ownership because it’s on the move upward. Upward as in there are […]

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