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Episode 294: The Enemy Within the NRA, Adam Kraut

Today Riley and Matthew interview Adam Kraut, attorney-at-law and host of “The Legal Brief” on The Gun Collective. Adam works on legal cases surrounding firearm and Second Amendment law. Right now his firm is leading the charge on suing the Federal government on the recent bumpstock ban ATF ruling. Adam is also running for the NRA Board of Directors for […]

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SHOT Show 2019 Wrapup

SHOT Show 2019 is behind us, and what a crazy time it was. I’ve got a few of these shows under my belt now, but can say that this was the most stressful one by far. As you read from our company President, Jacob Paulsen, our website was attacked hard receiving over 5 million hits […]

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All About Gun Belts: SHOP Talk With Riley Bowman

The importance of using a gun belt in your every day carry setup cannot be overstated. When I first started carrying a concealed gun, I did what most folks do: I used my regular old belt that is clearly less than good in terms of keeping your gun up around your waist where it should […]

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NSSF’s Suppressor Study [Infographic]

I’m a media member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). They do a lot of good for the outdoor community and the shooting sports at large. One of the things I’ve continuously reported on whenever they do one is an infographic study. Their studies drop so many truth bombs that their accuracy cannot be […]

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Episode 293: “You Don’t Need a Handgun”

Today Riley and Jacob cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. Today is our Industry News Edition and we’re talking about some intriguing stories about how one Florida school is protecting its students with armed guards. But we also get into an opinion piece that tries to […]

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