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The Truth About Guns Facebook Ban

It’s turning out to be quite the interesting news cycle. A lot of crazy stuff is happening to some good friends of ours and just when I think things will start to settle down, something else happens. Everything has shifted from “orange man bad” to banning “coordinated inauthentic behavior.” Well, orange man apparently still bad, […]

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One-handed Manipulation

The Benefits Of Shooting With One Hand

Shooting one-handed is a topic we’ve touched on before, but I like to put my own spin on things and add a couple other tidbits that I feel are important. I’d like to say that if you’re not shooting one-handed in addition to your regular shooting practice that you may want to start doing it […]

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Man Shot After Road Rage Incident in Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ — A road rage incident turned deadly this past weekend after 42 year old Nathan Lindman succumbed to his gun shot wounds. The incident occurred between Lindman and another male, identified as 27 year old Andre Hall. It is unclear what led up to the original incident which to place last Sunday at approx. […]

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glock pistol

Is The Glock 44 the Pandemic Gun of 2020?

What do Gaston Glock and the COVID-19 pandemic have to do with each other? In 2020 anything goes, so here is the connection. At the 2019 SHOT Show Glock released the Glock 44. The G44 wasn’t some high-speed carbine or an industry upsetting platform like the Sig P365. Nope, imagine the thrill of shooting .22 […]

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