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knife crime goes up in UK

Reality Check—Are You Prepared?

When I was a kid, Fantasy Land used to be a theme park where you could run around all day, riding fun rides, and there was nothing to worry about. A Cause of Concern? Fast forward to my life today, and there’s much to worry about; inflation, work, violent activism, health, natural disaster, and political […]

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KSG Launch Voucher

We’ve Acquired KSG Armory–An Offer To Celebrate With Us

For quite some time now, our company has thought about manufacturing our own of holsters. Recently, God blessed us with an opportunity to acquire a holster company called KSG Armory. While it may not be the most well-known company on social media, KSG Armory has been around for years. Founder Gabe New’s thoughtfully designed […]

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3 axis thumb

Free Holster Selection Education Videos

One thing every concealed carrier can relate with is how difficult it is to find a holster that conceals the firearm well and is also comfortable enough to wear every day. We’ve published a lot of content on the topic over the years. But it seems no matter how often we talk about it, there […]

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hold my guns podcast interview

Hold My Guns, Offering Help to Gun Owners in Distress

Hold My Guns is a non-profit organization that provides a way for gun owners in crisis to find legal, temporary storage for their guns with no questions asked. The founders hope their unique method will reduce the number of lives lost to suicide. Hold My Guns, Mission to Save Lives— Recently, Riley spe to Hold […]

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shooter ready challenge

Shooter Ready Challenge, July 2022

July 2022 Shooter Ready Challenge We’ve been publishing dry fire training and challenge videos since October 2019 to help the average gun carrier take their skills to the next level. This series of videos is called “Shooter Ready Challenge,” and it’s entirely free to watch and take advantage of. Each segment of the Shooter Ready […]

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S7E03 hold my guns

S7E3 – Hold My Guns with Sarah Joy Albrecht

Riley and Matthew interview a special guest, Sarah Joy Albrecht of Hold My Guns. HMG is a pro-gun rights organization dedicated to providing crisis services to individuals in need through: firearms storage, crisis awareness training, community outreach, and mental health advocacy.

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