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Kamala Harris’ Stance On Guns

I hate getting into politics. I really do. And while I always get called out for it in the by at least a few of you, I have to do this. Guns and politics are inseparable. It is not my goal to influence anyone, not directly anyway. My goal is simply to tell you […]

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The Hidden Dangers Of Shooting Your Firearm

Even though we may have never had a negligent discharge, and always follow safe gun handling rules, you may not be as safe as you can be when using your firearms. I am talking about practicing good hygiene when in contact act with your firearms.

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NRA instructor

NY Attorney General Moves To Dissolve the NRA

Breaking news out of New York, the Attorney General is seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association for “years of self-dealing and illegal conduct.” In short, AG Letitia James has filed a suit against the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, and other top-level leaders trying to get them shutdown. Here is the Tweet stating her intentions: #BREAKING: […]

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