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Concealed Carry at Church_011117

Is Carrying a Gun unChristian?

My Name Is Matthew Maruster, I Carry A Gun … And I’m A Christian With the recent church shootings, with Christians defending life with their own guns, the topic of “is it Christian to carry a gun for self-defense?” has come up a lot lately. I figured I’d tackle this topic to the best of […]

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AR-15 with ammo

We Only Partially Succeeded in Virginia

Just days ago Virginia House Bill 961 went to a vote in the Virginia Senate. The bill was essentially a ban on “assault weapons,” “high capacity magazines,” and firearm suppressors. The bill was backed by most democrats, the governor, presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, and many anti-gun organizations. After only narrowly passing in the House, with […]

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Florida Has Had 3,500 Red Flags Used Since Parkland

One of the most controversial anti-gun laws being proposed by the anti-gun lawmakers and organizations, are red flag laws. They have already become a law of some form or another in than a dozen states. Essentially, what a red flag law is, is when a gun owner shows some signs of mental illness or […]

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