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Tourniquet Saves Life in Calloway Shooting

Calloway County, Kentucky – A man is listed in critical condition after being shot over a dispute last Tuesday evening. According to Calloway Sheriff Sam Steger, an argument between 33-year-old Charles Milam and his acquaintances earlier in the day led to him breaking into a home. Deputies were dispatched to a call at around 8:20 […]

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CNN Admits Gun Control Won’t Work, In A Roundabout Sort Of Way

CNN recently had presidential hopeful Francis O’Rourke on one of their shows, and in a roundabout sort of way, the host admitted that gun control doesn’t work as O’Rourke clearly stumbled on his words and has no plans for making anything happen. “You expect mass shooters to follow the law?” She asked. To which Beto […]

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Episode 358: Talking Tactical Polka Dots with Cheryl Todd

Today, Riley talks with Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio. Cheryl is a passionate Second Amendment advocate who talks about important 2A issues each week on her radio show. Cheryl is also the owner of a gun dealer in the Phoenix, AZ area. We will be talking about gun rights, women in the shooting […]

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Carrying Extra Ammo

There are some things that you should likely be carrying if you carry a gun for self-protection. One of those things is a medical kit of some kind, just in case you ever need to defend yourself and have holes that need to be plugged or if you come up to an accident and someone […]

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Ethics of Deadly Force

The Moral Component of Deadly Force

The first part of the question is the piece that requires much introspection. Irregardless of our religion, or level of spiritual dedication, we have probably heard the phrases “Thou Shalt Not Kill” , “…Turn The Other Cheek” or something similar.

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