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mass shooters and their guns

Background Checks and Mass Shooters

How Did Mass Shooters Get Their Guns? Moreover, Did They Pass Background Checks? We loed at 26 mass shootings for roughly 12 years between 2009 through 2021, in which we know how the shooters obtained their firearms. Additionally, we did not cherry-pick these incidents because it would help us establish a narrative that background checks […]

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background checks

Untold Truths About Background Checks

How do criminals get their guns? Do background checks keep criminals from getting guns? What happens when someone lies on the application to buy a gun? We must have factual answers to these common questions. It is especially true because of the legal implications and dishonest media providing untruthful information on the topic. What are […]

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how to draw record your dryfire

Do You Record Your Dry Fire Practice?

We need to get as creative as possible regarding our training regimen, especially during this ammo shortage. Lately, I’ve been doing dry fire practice in the comfort of my own home — my basement. However, I’ve recently realized how much I was missing out on by not recording myself during dry fire. Let me […]

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pistol brace ban

Right to Know: What is a Pistol Brace?

Many people are wondering: What exactly is a pistol brace? The component attaches to the rear of a pistol and rests around the user’s forearm. Also called a stabilizing brace or arm brace, the device does just what its name suggests. It distributes the weight and adds another point of contact between the gun and the […]

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