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Store Owner Returns Fire, Wins Fight for His Life

A Philaphia grocery store owner used his sidearm to defend himself last Thursday against an armed, masked man.53-year-old Elvis Nuñez was about to close up his 54 & Wyalusing Food Market store for the night when a man wearing a black mask stormed through the door with a handgun trained on him.

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SHOP Talk: More Dryfire Tools

On this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows off a couple other products that he uses on a regular basis in his training routine. He pulls them right off the Concealed Carry warehouse floor and shows you how to use them. The Barrel Bl is a great training tool, that, in my opinion, also doubles […]

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CCW Reciprocity Change in New Mexico and Louisiana

Until recently, New Mexico and Louisiana had honored each other’s concealed carry permits. That has now changed. Now residents of New Mexico will no longer be allowed to carry concealed in the state of Louisiana, and vice versa. As of a few days ago the NM and LA state government sites show the updated lists […]

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That Pesky Little Thing Called the Constitution

The Second Amendment — A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the Right of the People to Keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Here in America we have this thing called the Constitution. It’s a document that guarantees certain inalienable rights to the people. You may think […]

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