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Is It A Good Idea To Use Your EDC Gun For Multiple Uses?

Looking for one gun to fit all your situational needs?

You probably spent quite a lot of time and effort finding the gun that you like best for concealed carry. It fits your hands, you shoot it well, it's durable, and you can conceal it well. But is that one gun the only gun you will ever need? Maybe not.

Your favorite suit is sharp and you look like a million bucks in it. But it's not appropriate to wear when you're mowing your lawn, right? 

Similarly, situations arise where better options than your favorite concealed carry piece exist.

Home Defense Gun(s)-

I highly recommend everyone have a firearm dedicated to protecting the home. This may be your concealed carry gun, but ideally, another gun should fill this need.

Based on your specific situation, you may choose a rifle, shotgun or handgun to defend your home. They all have strengths and limitations that you should carefully weigh. 

A few questions you may want to think about when deciding are:

-Who else lives in your home

-Do you live in an apartment and share walls with neighbors

-How large is your home

-Who else will be using the gun

-Can you attach a light to the gun

-What is the capacity

You may find a shotgun fits your needs for a home defense gun better than your EDC.

Even if you carry your firearm inside your home, what happens when you are gone? What if you have a family member who isn't always carrying a gun and they are home alone? 

What about multiple guns? While answering the above questions, you may realize that having guns in various parts of the house is a good strategy. If you have a multi-level home or a large ranch style layout, your one home defense gun may not be easily accessible.

In fact, you may find that based on the location of the home, a different type of gun works best.

Back Up Gun (BUG)-

There are situations that may drive you to carry a firearm in addition to your primary everyday carry (EDC) gun. Typically this backup gun is not just a duplicate of your primary piece. Why?

Backup guns are usually smaller and carried in another location on the body, like the ankle. Because of this, your back up gun is probably going to have less capacity, and possibly a smaller caliber as well.

The features you look for in a backup gun are not going to be the same as what you want for your EDC.

Beretta Pico

Your backup gun may be a revolver or something tiny like this Beretta Pico

Competition Gun-

I know there are some who shoot their concealed carry gun in their competitions. Depending on what type of competitions you are competing in, this may not be the best practice.

Some of the modifications done to competition guns are not helpful on a concealed carry gun. For example, super aggressive grips can be great in a competition, but on your EDC can snag on clothing and rub skin raw. 

Because larger guns are easier to shoot, full-size handguns are more appropriate for competitive use when compared to the sub-compacts for concealed carry.

Also, think about what happens if your competition gun breaks or has a part wear out. Now you are without a firearm for daily protection.

What works best on a competition gun may not always translate over to your concealed carry rig.

Duty Gun-

If you happen to carry a firearm for work, and it doesn't have to be concealed, you're probably going to want a duty sized firearm. Why, if for no other reason than capacity. 

If you have a job where being armed is a necessity, you definitely want to have as much capacity and caliber as you can manage. 

When I was a police officer I got issued a Glock 22. This drove me to the Glock 27 for my off-duty choice. There would be no way I could conceal a G22, and similarly, I would never have carried a G27 as my duty weapon.


I know many people who carry a sidearm in addition to their rifle while they are hunting. Maybe you carry for protection against shady people you may come across, or maybe in case of a run-in with an aggressive animal at close range. 

Either case, concealing your firearm is not a concern. So you are going to want to carry something large enough to stop whatever beast you may come across in the wild.

Carrying a sidearm while hunting is very common. You may carry a different caliber based on the type of animals you might stumble across.

What It Boils Down To-

Having the right tool for the job. Can you get away with using your EDC for all of the above-mentioned situations? Absolutely, but there are better options that may be more appropriate.

Check out 55 more, common carry mistakes listed in this in-depth write-up.

Stay safe.

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5 Responses to Is It A Good Idea To Use Your EDC Gun For Multiple Uses?

  1. ron November 14, 2017 at 1:54 pm #

    of course sub compacts are harder to shoot then full size guns (any time) in competition . all the more reason you need to compete with your sub compact EDC if you’re going to depend upon it in the real world !

    I compete in IDPA BUG DIV. with my EDC, a Kahr CM9; I’m not handicapped with 6 rnd. mags or a 3″ barrel because I compete against other BUGS , (my scores are very close) not SSPs,ESPs,CDPs. I’m have the confidence to carry this sub compact because I’ve found what these subs are capable of.

    if you have a clean, lubed, quality firearm, with good manufactured ammo, there is little chance of stoppages or breakdowns.

    Who’s up for the Sub Compact Challenge ??

  2. Doug November 17, 2017 at 1:33 pm #

    I just have 2 of the same gun, a CZ P-01. One is setup for competition in CCP div. for IDPA with a 2.5 lb. SA trigger weight and I carry the other with a 5 lb. SA trigger. Because I carry from when I get dressed to when I go to bed, this gun also serves as my nightstand gun and I clip a fast release light/laser to the rail at bedtime. I also have a couple revolvers “hidden” near where I spend most time at home. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about kids or visitors daily. I keep a long gun near my location of last resort (i.e. safe room, retreat area) where, if necessary, I can take a stand and that also has a mounted light. I think that should cover any difficulties that threaten my existence.

  3. Carlos Villarreal March 3, 2018 at 6:16 pm #

    Whatever your backup gun is, eather a 22 or a 45, be sure you know how to use it 100%.

  4. Dave November 26, 2018 at 9:50 pm #

    I use 3 different handguns. My G43 is my EDC. Ialso hace a RM380 as a backup, when necessary. I also have a G42 with a laser and a light, for home defense in my apartment. Apartments, and some homes, have very thin walls and,although a 380 will penetrate a wall, they typically will not penetrate more than 1 and even 1 will reduce the terminal effects? A wonderful neighborhood, if I miss, not likely, is better than a fatality.

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