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Laser Ammunition Cartridge Insert


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Conduct laser simulated dry fire practice WITH YOUR REAL GUN. Just insert the laser cartridge into the chamber of your firearm and when you press the trigger the firing pin will come forward and strike the rear of the laser cartridge. This will cause a red laser to emit out of your barrel toward your practice target giving you real feedback on your accuracy!

  • The built-in “snap cap” will protect your firing pin when dry firing with the rubber insert
  • NO NOISE traffic or expensive ammo to burn up just the sound of clicks and the laser dot
  • Runs on 3 LR626 batteries, providing up to 3000 “shots” before you have to change batteries
  • The laser bullet is rimless, meaning when you rack the slide, the extractor will not catch the cartridge and extract or eject it
  • The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night

Added Bonus! When You Buy Any Caliber of our Laser Ammunition Cartridges you will receive a no-cost 1-month subscription to LASRx! LASRx is a fantastic software program that you can run on any internet connected device including your cell phone and will “detect” each shot of the red laser providing you with accuracy information and shot times. Normally $120 per year, enjoy a free month trial at no cost when you purchase your Laser Cartridge today!


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