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Handheld VS Weapon Mounted Lights

Do you want a handheld or weapon mounted light? The answer is both. The debate over which light you should DEPLOY is not a debate over which is BETTER over the other. It is best to have both a handheld and a weapon-mounted light because both have their own independent advantages and if I have […]

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how long does ammo last

How Long Does Your Ammo Last?

Ammunition is good forever, is the common response we hear when talking about how long ammunition lasts. I, personally, have shot Ammunition that has been stored for decades, shotgun shells that still were made of paper, and vintage ammunition for my Mauser and Mosin-Nagant that was surplus from World War II. Ammo does last a […]

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Vertx Announces New Concealed Carry Shirt

In a rare instance, a company has actually offered up something that is actually, at least to me, a new design. Granted, I can’t know all products out there, so if there is such a thing please feel free to correct me in the comments. This time around Vertx has designed a polo shirt that […]

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concealed carry holster

Gun Owners are Drawn to JM4 Tactical’s Magnetic Holster Line [VIDEO REVIEW]

A few years ago, JM4 Tactical took the concept of concealed carry holsters in a new direction when they released the original Quick Click and Carry holster. The holsters use extremely powerful rare Earth magnets in fastening it to the wearers clothing. This allows the holster to be worn even without a belt, and the powerful […]

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