Is 10 Enough? How Many Rounds for Daily Concealed Carry?

P365 With SIG 365 V-Crown Ammo

Every concealed carrier faces a critical question: how many rounds should be on hand for daily defense? While statistics suggest an average, real-world situations are unpredictable. This article navigates the nuanced terrain of ammunition capacity, exploring what truly helps us prepare for a self-defense encounter. The Average Number Of Rounds Needed Method: The average number…

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VIDEO—Carjacking of Off-Duty Cop Leads to Shootout

first shots from chapman car jcaking video still

The number of car jackings has been rising steadily for several years. Suspects in carjackings often use firearms and physical force and intimidation to take the vehicle. Another disturbing trend is that the average carjacking suspect is barely a teenager. It seems we are paying the price for a culture of self-first, moral relativism that…

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3 Videos Show Why an Accessible Trauma Kit is so Important

We aren’t the only ones harping on the importance of accessible, quality trauma gear. I pulled three videos from the well-known channel (ASP) Active Self Protection. The host of that channel, John Correia, takes videos that have to do with the application, mindset, legality or tools associated with self defense. He provides thoughtful analysis intended…

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