Is It A Good Idea To Use Your EDC Gun For Multiple Uses?

You probably spent quite a lot of time and effort finding the gun you like best for concealed carry. It fits your hands, you shoot it well, it’s reliable, and you can conceal it well. In addition to that, you probably have already purchased a holster and aftermarket accessories like self-defense sights. But is that…

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Grumpy Man in Jail After Shooting Trespasser in Head

man shoots trespasser

In Preston, Idaho, a shooting highlighted the importance of a proper self-defense mindset and reaffirmed that some guns are neat but aren’t a great choice for your everyday carry (EDC) handgun. According to news reports, here is how the incident unfolded. On May 31st, a woman and her friend drove down route 36 in Franklin…

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Do I Need a Safety on my Everyday Carry Handgun?

Do you have a safety on your EDC Everyday Carry Gun? Why or why not? Have you ever thought about why you choose to carry a firearm with or without a manual external safety on it? If you haven’t thought about why you chose the gun you carry, this is an important article that should…

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