Is It A Good Idea To Use Your EDC Gun For Multiple Uses?

You probably spent quite a lot of time and effort finding the gun you like best for concealed carry. It fits your hands, you shoot it well, it’s reliable, and you can conceal it well. In addition to that, you probably have already purchased a holster and aftermarket accessories like self-defense sights. But is that…

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Excitement, 2021 NRA Annual Meetings Dates Announced

NRA annual meetings

The National Rifle Association (NRA) was established back in 1871. Each year the NRA has held annual meetings. The COVID pandemic forced NRA to cancel its 149th annual meeting last year. However, this year the 150th annual meeting is back. The dates for this year’s annual meetings have been announced as September 3rd through September…

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Good Guy With A Gun, Stops Mass Shooting

Arkansas mass shooting stopped

A psychopathic killer, intent on committing a mass shooting, was stopped by a legally armed citizen in a Fort Smith, Arkansas apartment complex early Saturday morning. The killer, a resident of the complex, exited his apartment on the morning of May 15th, 2021, and began shouting. Speaking of the shooter, a resident of the complex…

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