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5 Home Defense Carbine Handling Tips

Five tips to equip and handle the home defense carbine If you use an AR15 or another carbine for home defense here are here are five suggestions to equip and handle yours for maximum benefit. Sling it — The market has vastly improved both choices and functions of slings in recent years. A two-point sling […]

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Hollow points gun

Hollow Point Ammunition-The Only Choice For Self Defense

Quite often, someone asks what type of ammunition they should use for self-defense. Broadly speaking, the answer is straightforward. Use hollow point ammunition in your self-defense and home-defense guns. Hollow Point Ammunition is a Must for Self-Defense: Of course, the ammunition must be the correct caliber, and there are various brands and types of hollow […]

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Handheld VS Weapon Mounted Lights Which 1 is Better?

Should you carry a handheld light (HHL) or weapon-mounted light (WML)? The answer is surprisingly simple-get both. Each light has a place and purpose. Using one type of light when the other is appropriate can be very dangerous. If you want to continue reading, I’m happy to explain the justification behind my recommendation. Basic Requirements […]

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