“Smart Gun” Companies Aim For 2022 Commercial Release

sentry 9mm

Will 2022 be the year that “smart” firearms break through into the US market? Two companies based in the states say that is precisely the target they are shooting for. For decades, people have thought about creating a gun that only the owner could use. If smart guns became a reality, criminals couldn’t use an…

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S3E11: Gun Law Changes All Across America Right Now


Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the recent Legislative News from around the US including stories about how one federal judge is opening the door for lawsuits against gun manufacturers, while another is ruling that the 21-year-old age requirement for handgun purchases is unconstitutional. Plus other great news, tune in!!

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Bloomberg’s “Wear Orange” Anti-Gun Campaign Flops

If you didn’t dress yourself up like a tangerine on June 4th, 5th and 6th, well, you’re forgiven. No one paid much attention to the call that people dress in orange to “demand a change” regarding “gun violence.” What is the WearOrange Campaign? Wear Orange Weekend is apparently one of the sacred holy days for…

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Texas Poised for Constitutional Carry, Shocking 18-13 Vote

constitutional carry

Is constitutional Carry is coming to Texas? With the recent 18-13 vote in the senate, Texans are closer than ever to carry a concealed handgun legally without asking for permission. Texans are closer than ever to carry a concealed handgun without asking for permission. This type of law is known as constitutional carry or permitless…

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KelTec’s New 5.7X28 P50 Pistol

I’m not sure I we up a couple of days ago when the P50 was announced thinking that I needed a 50 round 5.7X28 pistol. Then again, I never said I didn’t need one, either. This is exciting because it’s one of the first announcements from a major gun manufacturer around the time when we’d…

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