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bi tones handgun that's on a mirror with bullets

August 2020 Recap

Time is flying for me. I feel like we just entered this month, heck even January seems like yesterday, and here we are getting ready to start September. Before we know it the election cycle will be on us, winners will be chosen, and then the holiday season shortly after that. 2020 has been a […]

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The media should be able to provide accurate facts about what they are reporting on.

Chicago, Austin, and the NFAC

I like to go over some of the interesting news stories as they relate to guns to make sure we’re all kept up to date on what is going on out there in our industry. This is by far not all of the news out there for July, just the ones that I’ve cherry […]

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The media should be able to provide accurate facts about what they are reporting on.

Gun News From Around This Crazy Country

We live in crazy times, fur sure. Tensions across the entire United States seem to be higher than they’ve ever been in recent times. During this time, seemingly even loing at someone the wrong way can get you into some trouble, especially in this YouTube generation. The way things are headed, extreme care must be […]

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2016-01-20 09.37.22

Washington DC Sues Polymer 80

Those dreaded “ghost guns” are back in the news again as the Attorney General from Washington DC sues 80% gun maker Polymer 80. Attorney General Karl Racine brought a lawsuit to Polymer 80 saying that they’ve been selling illegal guns in the district, and that those guns were used to commit crimes hundreds of different […]

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Rhode Island Governor Signs Ghost Gun Bill Into Law

Providence, Rhode Island — The governor of Rhode Island signed a bill into law on Tuesday morning effectively banning “untraceable ghost guns” in her state as anti-gun organizations cheered. Governor Raimondo is quoted to say: Today marks a meaningful step forward in our fight to end gun violence in Rhode Island. We know that untraceable […]

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