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Gun News From Around This Crazy Country


We live in crazy times, fur sure. Tensions across the entire United States seem to be higher than they've ever been in recent times. During this time, seemingly even looking at someone the wrong way can get you into some trouble, especially in this YouTube generation.

The way things are headed, extreme care must be used at all times, during anything you're doing, ever. Why? Well, let's take a look at some of the things happening.

The Michigan Couple

This first story shows a Michigan couple who may not have done everything right for their situation, but still didn't deserve the treatment they have gotten, and are still getting. My opinion, meaning me, and me alone, is that the lady who pulled her gun was pushed to this point after attempting to deescalate the confrontation.

I do believe that after the other lady blocked her from leaving and smacked the car twice after threatening to beat them up and all the other stuff went on, that she feared for her life.

Scenarios like this will, unfortunately, probably be on the rise.

Most of the news out there regarding this story only shows the part where the lady drew her gun making her look guilty, but there is a lot leading up to that point that wasn't shown. The couple are now being charged with felonious assault.

Let me be clear, they were just trying to leave.

I don't think I would have pulled my gun, but I'm a different person than she is, and there is no way to know how threatened she felt.

I embedded the video for you to watch, in case you haven't seen it yet. To my knowledge, this is the full length video:

NYPD Defunded

This next one shows exactly what happens when the police are defunded. The NYPD has a budget of about 6 billion dollars per year. Recent times have shown crime being down tremendously over past years because of an increase in police funding and presence.

Well, crime is through the proverbial roof in NYC right now and I can only guess as to why this is. 1 billion dollars was just “shifted” away from the NYPD at the end of last month. But, I suspect that crime went through the roof before the defunding ever even happened, and the reason why is because police are afraid to do their jobs.

Or, at least some of them are. The cops out in the country are, as far as I can tell, still doing theirs. But, the cops in the bigger cities, from videos I've seen on social media with people committing crimes right in front of police, they're afraid to do their job.

That's a problem. It'll now only get worse with less police on the streets as we're already seeing.

The roundabout problem that is making the news right now, is that nobody is blaming criminals because, let's face it, we can't hurt anybody's wittle fewings. Nope, instead, let's blame the 142% increase in shootings over the same period last year on the guns themselves.

After all, it's not criminal violence, right? It's “gun violence.” Guns bad. Period. None of the major news outlets are using proper terminology on this. Instead of calling it what it actually is, bad people doing bad things, they place blame on the tools themselves.


Background check records broken for second time this year

We kinda covered this one already a few days ago, but it bears repeating. Why? Because even with all the other crap going on like in the above mentioned stories, people are still flocking to guns and ammo in record numbers.

The previous FBI background check record was broken not once, but twice so far this year. And, we're only halfway done with 2020 — with talks of a second wave of COVID-19, a new strain of swine flu coming out in China, and Lord knows what else, only time will tell what the rest of the year has in store for us.

Oh, and it's also an election year which also always helps to drive sales among fears of the unknown.

All of this means that the guns and ammo sales will continue to at least stay steady at current rates, without a slow down in the foreseeable future, unless manufacturers begin to run out of components to make the guns.


Gun news still shocks as we continue on with the crazy. Stay tuned and stay safe as we proceed into the future. Who knows what it'll hold.

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5 Responses to Gun News From Around This Crazy Country

  1. Mariah July 8, 2020 at 12:42 pm #

    The Michigan Couple- evidence that you should have more than one tool available to you. A hearty shot of pepper spray in the face would likely have backed off the attackers.

  2. Anthony Mack July 9, 2020 at 3:51 am #

    Let me first say that I am a middle aged black man. I am also a Responsibly Armed American, and a member of USCCA. I wasn’t there, so I didn’t witness the death incident that precipitated the use of force. However, even though the black folks seemed intent on provoking the white couple, I saw no reason for a firearm to be drawn. The couple had retreated to their vehicle. The husband could have simply driven off, and leave the name callers standing there. There was no reason for him to remain there and allow his wife to continue to argue with those people, and no reason for her to exit her vehicle and draw her weapon. According to what I saw on the video, her life was not in immediate danger. She allowed herself to be provoked into a situation that could have been avoided. She now has legal consequences as a result. As an armed citizens, we have a much greater responsibility to avoid an altercation than someone who is not carrying a lethal weapon. My opinion is based solely on what I saw in this video.

    • DEFENDER July 17, 2020 at 9:04 pm #

      Very well said Anthony.
      You and I would probably get along well – and I am an old white Guy.
      My standard quote:
      “The best fight you can be in – is the one you Avoid”.

      As I have told my younger buddy(who would often be ready to fight in the slightest altercation) Cut-off in traffic – Ready to fight to the death. Show how tough he is, You know the type. And he was/is a Very Tough Guy. And been shot and stabbed a few times.

      SO – I told him one day – you know you are a smart guy – So why do “YOU” – “Turn control of “Your” emotions over to someone else” ie Let “them” control how you act/respond ?

      Being a smart guy he said “Hmmmm” – never thought of it that way.
      And he has had no fights since. Several yrs now.
      Prior to that he had been in many fights and stabbed and shot a few times.

      Since “I” “Carry” a Very lethal weapon always and am a Certified Instructor and long time 10yr+ Combat Competition Shooter – “I” “have” to be cool and calm. And in control of my emotions. The alternative is much Too Deadly/Life Changing. For Everyone.

      I am also a long term member of USCCA 10yr+ I think.

  3. Anthony Mack July 9, 2020 at 3:52 am #

    Correction: I didn’t witness the incident. I don’t know how the word death appeared there.

  4. frankjbonazza3 July 22, 2020 at 8:57 am #

    Anthony, the couple in the video from Michigan could not leave. They wanted to, and tried to but were blocked in by the two fools on foot. They stood behind the car while beating on the rear windshield and verbally threatening them. The fact that they tried to leave says a lot about them and the fact that the other maniacs would not let them leave tells me all I need to know. At that point they had two options: Allow two maniacs to destroy their car and possibly pull them out of the car and assault them. Or the other option was to defend themselves. They could have just backed up and risked running them over, or they could get out and defend themselves. They were unwillingly placed in a bad spot, and chose door #2. I don’t see any reason they should be charged as they were the ones who were being threatened/ assaulted

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