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August 2020 Recap

Time is flying for me. I feel like we just entered this month, heck even January seems like yesterday, and here we are getting ready to start September. Before we know it the election cycle will be on us, winners will be chosen, and then the holiday season shortly after that.

2020 has been a whirlwind so far, and it has opened our eyes to a lot of stuff. August, in particular, stands out in my mind as an epic failure for the United States and hypocrisy in general.

As usual I have to choose my words very carefully so that nothing I say be misconstrued and used against me at a later date.

Let's get started:

Kenosha Riots —

This is a topic I debated with myself about covering. Instead of going over what brought the riots on, and the details of the kid who defended himself, all I'm going to say is that we need to be super careful in our own self-defense incidents going forward.

You've likely heard the story by now about the kid who defended himself with his AR-15. I have my opinions about what he did and they are mostly favorable, but to keep the comment section nice, that's all I'll say about the incident itself.

What is important is that the way we can protect ourselves against harm looks like it's changing right before our very eyes. They're going to throw everything they have at this kid, and don't think they wouldn't do it to you, too.

It doesn't matter where you live, because they just want to make examples of people. So again I say, be super careful. Make sure your ducks are lined up in a meticulous row and it couldn't hurt to have some kind of self-defense insurance, if available in your state.

You can compare the major companies who handle this on our comparison chart, here.

Political Conventions and Guns —

August held both mainline political party conventions and neither one veered too far off their regular talking points.

As always, there was a mass divergence in the message concerning guns at both the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.

I won't go into much detail, but one of the conventions spoke about banning guns, while the other convention spoke about the necessity of guns.

It's not too hard to figure out who said what, but all my point is here, is that voting season is nearly here — don't forget.

Ninth Circuit Ruling —

This is a story we covered, concerning the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling about the “large capacity magazine.” If you didn't know, a panel basically said that the magazine capacity ban was unconstitutional.

Well, the attorney General did file for an appeal, so those of you who live in California still cannot buy your magazines. Unfortunately.

We will continue to keep an eye on this one and update you as news becomes available.

If this, and other gun related news interests you, it may be a good idea to sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss anything.

Guns and Ammo Still Scarce —

Duh, right? All I want to say here, is that I saw a popular YouTuber this past week who said to stop buying ammo and I think that's an idiotic thing to say as a blanket statement with such a large platform.

It's not my goal to get into an argument with anyone so I won't mention his name, especially since he's a friend of ours. I'll only say that it's my goal to have as much ammo as possible going into the elections and winter for a couple of different reasons.

It's dangerous for people to make blanket statements like that because there are more newer gun owners now than there have ever been before, and if you're new to this you won't have as much ammo as someone who has been stacking it for a while.

This is a hard time to get into this hobby. Just keep buying ammo as you can find it, and maybe buy an off caliber gun with ammo still widely available. If you're actively looking for 9mm or .380 ACP, good luck.

And hey, if you have a lot of ammunition and you feel confident you're good to go, then leave some for the rest of us who don't feel as confident.

And yes, I have A LOT of ammunition and don't feel as though I have enough for the long term.

This ammo shortage will only continue to get worse (as will the food supply, hence the need for more ammo), in my humble opinion.


2020 is the wildest year of our lifetime. It has even started to turn into its own swear word as almost no positive has come from it to date. What will September bring?

Hold onto your butts because we're about to find out.

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