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Open Carry Laws by State

Summary for Open Carry

Alabama:   Allowed but restricted at or near public demonstrations.
Alaska:   Allowed by state law.
Idaho:   Unrestricted in most public areas
South Carolina:   Prohibited in public areas
Nevada:   Prohibited in public areas
Arizona:   Unrestricted under state law in most public areas.
Illinois:   Prohibited
Minnesota:   Prohibited in all public areas unless you have a recognized permit.
Ohio:   Unrestricted under state law.
Colorado:   Permitted by state but some local jurisdictions may have restrictions.
Texas:   Legal with License to Carry.
Washington:   Unrestricted under state law in most public places
Utah:   Legal if the handgun is deemed unloaded. Utah's definition of unloaded is that there be no round in the firing position and at least two mechanical movements to fire.
Wisconsin:   No legal prohibition. Open carry is legal in places that aren't otherwise prohibited.
Oregon:   No state restrictions
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