Open Carry Gun Owner Has Gun Stolen From Behind

I think there is one man in Phoenix that will be carrying concealed from now on. While standing in at a local McDonalds, a man who was open carrying his handgun was approached from behind by the suspect who proceeded to draw the firearm and flee out of the restaurant.

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Open Carry Now In SC, Important Restrictions You Need to Know

south carolina ccw

Yesterday South Carolina’s Open Carry law went into effect. First, however, you need to know some essential restrictions in the law before heading out with your handgun. Governor Henry McMaster signed Bill 3094 into law back on May 17th. Dubbed “Open Carry With Training Act,” the law brings open carry to South Carolina, but with…

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Constitutional Carry win for Tennessee

tennessee passes constitutional carry

3rd State in 2021 Passes Permitless/Constitutional Carry Good news from the home state of Davey Crockett. Provided Governor Bill Lee signs the legislation into law, Tennessee will become the third state in 2021, to enact permitless carry. This legislation is commonly referred to as constitutional carry. Governor Lee sponsored the bill, so it is unlikely…

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Concealed Carry VS Open Carry

Most folks opt to carry their guns hidden under the concealment of their clothing, which is also my main method of carrying. This means that you’re walking past hundreds of people every single day who may be carrying a gun that you don’t know about. Not all people carry this way though, because some opt…

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