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California Concealed Carry Laws

California Gun Laws

  Open Carry: Prohibited except in unincorporated areas where the county has not passed any laws prohibiting open carry
  Duty to Notify Law Enforcement: Varies by county or city
  State Parks: Concealed Carry is legal in accordance with state laws that regulate the right to carry
  Restaurants Serving Alcohol: No specific restriction
  Firearms at Colleges: Concealed guns on campus prohibited by law.
  Firearms at K-12 Schools: Firearms must be unloaded and in locked cases within a vehicle.
  Magazine Capacity Limitations: Magazines with capacity over 10 may not be imported/brought into the state
  Suppressor Ownership: Prohibited
  Vehicle Possession Without Recognized Permit: Handguns must be unloaded and stored in a locked container. This does not include the utility or glove compartment.
  Firearm Law Uniformity: Uniform throughout state
  Permit Training Requirements: Each county can set forth the training requirements to qualify to apply.
  Permit Issuing Authority: County sheriff
  May/Shall Issue: May issue in practice. State law requires applicants have good cause. Each county can determine what they deem to be good cause. This creates a lot of variance from county to county.
  State Contact Info: California Bureau of Firearms
PO Box 820200
Sacramento, CA 94203
  Length of Permit Validity: 2 years
  Permit Application Process: Varies by county. Contact your county sheriff office
  Non-Resident Permits: California does not issue non-resident permits
  Places Off Limits: The state capital, any legislative office, any office of the Governor or other constitutional officer or any hearing room in which any acommittee of the senate or assembly is conducting a hearing, or upon the grounds of the state capital.
The immediate vicinity of a polling place without written authorization.
Within the vicinity of a public demonstration (picketing or other informational activities) including within a vehicle in your control.
All courtrooms.
Public places when masked so as to hide his/her identity.
Anytime when you consume any alcoholic beverage.
Any place dispensing alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption.
When under the influence of any medication or drug.
  Constitutional Carry: No
  Resident Permit Reciprocity:
  Duty to Retreat: No Duty to Retreat
  Hotels: No legal restriction - Reference article on page 67
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