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Crossbreed Crossover Leather Gun Belt Review

Crossbreed Crossover Gun Belt: Brown

Anyone who’s done a few weeks of hard labor knows a belt isn’t just a fashionable accessory. Belts are a tool which not only hold up your pants, but keep you equipment securely around your hips. Ever since early humans twisted long grass into rope to keep the newly made flint knife close at hand; belts have been an important piece of kit.

Fighting is work. Hard work. And just like a carpenter needs a belt to keep the many various tools of their trade about them, you need a belt capable of keeping your tools in easy comfortable reach.

Yes, they are important, but not just any belt will do. A dress belt is a natural addition for going out on the town with your sweetheart, but for everyday use, and for concealed carry, you need a work belt. Dress belts are often too thin to properly support the weight of a pistol and the various other EDC items people like us tend to carry around.

A proper gun belt is wide enough to distribute the weight more evenly over your hips for a secure and comfortable ride and ridged enough not to fold on itself when you strap on your heat.

One of the more important aspects of a good belt is it needs to look good. Fashion is important, believe it or not, and wearing a tactical belt any day you aren’t at the range may look weird.

In my opinion, the Crossbreed Crossover Gun Belt fits this role well. It looks great and won’t make you look like a Tactical Timmy if that’s not your thing, but constructed well enough to become an heirloom your kids will fight over when you’re gone. I’ve been a leatherworker for a number of years so trust me when I say this belt is built to last a long time if properly taken care of.

Some examples of my expertise in leather.

Each belt has been stitched with quality thread and an option to further increase the longevity of your belt and make it a true lasting heirloom by adding an additional line of stitching is available on request.

Two pieces of 7 oz leather make it thick, so if you wear pants with very small belt loops, then you might have a problem. I seldom wear pants that aren’t 5:11 jeans, so this hasn’t been an issue for me.

Since the Crossover Gun Belt buckle doesn’t look tactical, it can be worn with a sport coat and slacks without looking odd. The friction style buckle fits my situation perfectly as I have been getting in the gym consistently and steadily losing weight. The buckle prevents me from needing to purchase a new belt every couple of months, or punch holes in it every time I drop a few inches on my waistline.

The Crossbreed Crossover series belt comes in all the popular browns and standard black. I opted for the Founders color to add a little variety and I think it looks gorgeous. However, I will note that the first time I strapped on my Lag Tactical holster with the Ulticlip, I scratched the finish of the belt.

Crossbreed Crossover Gun Belt: Founders

The Ulticlip is metal and not very kind to my beautiful new belt. I suggest being careful if you have metal clips on your holster. Plastic clips and soft loops, of course, aren’t a problem.

Following the belt sizing chart on the website was intuitive and perfectly accurate so feel confident that if you follow the directions you will get the perfect sized belt in the mail.

The packaging the belt comes in is a nice cloth bag to protect it and thoughtfully included is a bottle of conditioning oil to keep it lustrous and protected, though the belt has been treated with natural oils to protect it from moisture and sweat during long days working the range.

Crossbreed Crossover Gun Belt: Black

If you’ve been caught with your pants down because your last belt finally disintegrated and you’re in immediate need of a new one, Crossbreed offers Quick Ship which puts your new belt in the mail within 48 hours.

The Crossover Gun Belt is very reasonably priced, in my opinion, at $63. If you want extras like double stitching or the Founders Leather option you can expect to pay a little more, but for the price and the quality of this belt, it’s completely worth it. While it may be twice the cost of your standard Walmart belt, it will easily last 10 times longer and work far better for concealed carry.

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