S4E24: Setting up Your Red Dot Pistol for Success with Scott Jedlinski

Riley Bowman brings Scott Jedlinski back to the show to discuss red dot pistols. This is a fast evolving world in the realm of pistols and associated equipment, so we’ll get an update from Scott on what he’s seeing in the industry and training community. If you’re considering or are already using a red dot optic on a pistol, you’ll want to tune-in to today’s episode!

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Study in 40 Years of Glock Perfection

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So I know this article will divide the readers into those who are with me and think I am the most brilliant dude ever and those who think I must have had a lobotomy before writing. But, wherever along the spectrum you find yourself, we all are entitled to our opinions, and here is mine:…

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Diamondback DBX First Impressions

More guns than ever are being released in the 5.7 cartridge. Just to name a few, the Diamondback DBX (the topic of this review), the Ruger-57, and the latest offering from KelTec. However, the 5.7X28 cartridge has become somewhat of a unicorn as of late with in-stock prices rising to about 2$ per round, and…

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