The Benchmade Mini Adamas: A Heavy Duty Pocket Knife

Benchmade Mini Adamas w/ box

The Benchmade Mini Adamas: A Heavy-Duty Tactical Knife Last month, I received two knives from Benchmade. This review will focus on the Mini Adamas, with the Mini Barrage review to follow soon. Before we begin, I feel I should address the elephant in the room. Some in the 2A community have beef with Benchmade.…

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Elite Survival Systems Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack Review

Recently, I tried out the Summit Discreet Rifle Backpack from Elite Survival Systems. I have owned their cobra buckle belt for about ten years and had zero issues with comfort or performance, so I was interested to see what sort of bags they make. As expected, Elite Survival Systems ivered, so let’s dig in. Evaluating…

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Tyrant CNC Glock Compatible Night Sights Review

Tyrant CNC is a company out of Chicago that fabricates aftermarket accessories for your AR-15 rifles and common everyday carry EDC handguns. Over the years, I’ve reviewed many products from Tyrant CNC and because of their customer service and thoughtful designs, developed a fondness for their brand. Since my first encounter with Tyrant CNC back…

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SoftSeal: Amazing Ear Pro Upgrade | REVIEW, 1 Year Update

ear pro upgrade

Electronic ear pro for shooting is my favorite choice. However, wearing a muff-style ear pro for several hours can become uncomfortable because the ear pads are not exceptionally soft. These replacement ear pads from ReadyUpGear are amazingly comfortable. So much so; I guarantee you won’t go back to standard ear pro once you try them.…

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CrossBreed Holsters ‘Rogue System’ Holster Review

p365 crossbreed holster

The Rogue System Holster from CrossBreed is a versatile inside the waistband holster. I’ve been using this holster system with my Sig Sauer P365, and in this review, I’ll explain what I like and dislike about the holster. CrossBreed Holsters, the Company — CrossBreed Holster’s sells leather and Kydex holsters for a variety of firearm…

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[Review] CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance, Read Before Joining

We think every concealed carrier should consider self defense insurance. These products cover associated legal fees in the event you need to defend yourself against criminal or civil legal action. CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance — To clarify, I use the term “insurance” when discussing CCW Safe and other similar products, even though the product…

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