What is Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Gun, and Why?

Tier One Type B

I’ll start by saying, I don’t actually care what gun you carry. I have no vested interest in Glock, SIG Sauer or Smith and Wesson selling guns. The point of this post is to get new and existing concealed carriers to think of why they carry the gun they carry, and in doing so…

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Opposing Armed Teachers Shows it’s Not About Safety

No matter what you think about civilian ownership of firearms, any time an evil person goes into a school and kills innocent kids, your heart breaks. But some, not all, see the tragedy as a moment to push a political ideology that leaves people unable to protect themselves, while emboldening evildoers. And all this happens…

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Why Does Anyone Need an AR 15 Rifle?

AR15 ban

When was the last time you heard that AR 15 assault rifles and other weapons of war have no place on our streets? Will banning or highly regulating all AR15 rifles make the average citizen safer? And who needs an AR 15 anyhow? Finally, what are the top reasons for owning an AR 15? I…

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