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The Second Amendment

There aren’t a whole lot of things my pie hole can spew from memory. John 3:16, my kids’ birthdays, and the Second Amendment. And, if you hadn’t noticed, two out of those three are controversial to at least some degree for some people. I get goose bumples all the time whenever I stop and think, […]

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Know Your Target

Why are we still having these conversations? Why do we need to constantly re-iterate things like gun safety to people who claim ignorance when life is taken? Imagine this following scenario for a moment, if you will: You’re driving down the road in the car with your family. You’ve got two kids in the back […]

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flags on patriot day

Have We Forgotten?

On this infamous day in 2001, people left their homes. They left their homes each with their own set of plans. Some were looking forward to seeing loved ones in different parts of the country, others were likely working up that proverbial, corporate ladder. Others still weren’t the initial target, but firefighters and police willing […]

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