Unveiling ATF’s Abuse of Power: Revoking FFL Licenses

Concerns are mounting over the obvious abuse of power by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), particularly in the agency’s assault on Federal Firearm License (FFL) holders. Since Joe Biden to office, the agency has reved an unprecedented number of FFL licenses and the media remains mostly silent. The ATF’s abuse has…

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Who Are CCW Safe’s Attorneys and Advisors?

We’ve reviewed a lot of concealed carry insurance companies, and it’s no secret that we think that CCW Safe offers the best bang for your buck for Concealed Carry legal protection. We explain the reason in this review article, CCW Safe Self Defense Insurance, Read Before Joining. One reason CCW Safe is our top choice…

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Is Permitless Carry A Threat to Public Safety?

crime surge

Currently, there are twenty-seven states in the country that have laws that allow citizens—not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm—to carry a handgun legally without a permit. While most of the states began adopting these laws in the mid 2000s, ten of the 27 states with such laws became permitless carry states in only the…

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I’m Okay Giving up Some of That Freedom—Tulsa PD Chief

Wendell Franklin

July 4th is almost here, so pretty soon we will see Independence Day celebrations with fireworks, BBQs and parades in towns all across the country. On that day, the country celebrates our nations “birth” and the ratification of our founding document, the United States Constitution, declaring we would no longer be subjects of the British…

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