Only The Best | Staff’s Favorite Gear – April 2021

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Our store is filled with a lot of different gear and training courses. So the other day, my boss Jacob asked all the Concealed Carry employees to let him know what their favorite item in the store was. The responses covered a wide variety of products. So I have decided to post everyone’s picks here…

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Crossbreed Crossover Leather Gun Belt Review

Anyone who’s done a few weeks of hard labor knows a belt isn’t just a fashionable accessory. Belts are a tool which not only hold up your pants, but keep you equipment securely around your hips. Ever since early humans twisted long grass into rope to keep the newly made flint knife close at hand;…

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All About Gun Belts: SHOP Talk With Riley Bowman

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The importance of using a gun belt in your every day carry setup cannot be overstated. When I first started carrying a concealed gun, I did what most folks do: I used my regular old belt that is clearly less than good in terms of keeping your gun up around your waist where it should…

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2 Concealed Carry Belts I Trust: Exos Gear and Nexbelt

For most inside-waistband carry methods, a good belt is a necessity. Lightweight belts made for style than function can seem like a good option as many are made with low-profile buckles that don’t bulge or under an untucked shirt. However, a fashion belt soon contorts and stretches out of shape when worn regularly…

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Nexbelt Leather Concealed Carry Gun Belt Review [VIDEO]

Nexbelt: A Gun Belt For the Modern Times? Every so often a product comes along that has the capability of really changing your world … and by that, I mean that this concealed carry belt, from Nexbelt, is one of those products that has had a subtle, but significant change in my day-to-day life. Nexbelt…

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