S8E16: Concealed Carry Shopping List

Jacob and Matthew talk through the required shopping list for a responsible Concealed Carrier. Embarking on this journey can be intimidating and expensive so boiling it down to the core must-haves is what this episode is all about.

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Pistol Skill: How Good is Good Enough?

How Good is Good Enough and Keeping Gear in Perspective

The Gun Matters…or Does it? I recently taught a Pistol Intelligence class in Phoenix, AZ. I drove from Colorado where I live, to the venue in AZ. Since I drove, I could bring equipment than when I fly, including a variety of guns. My idea was to shoot and demo in front of the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Responsible Constitutional Carry

Do you live in a state where no permit is required to carry a concealed firearm? Do you want to carry a gun under your state’s permitless/constitutional carry law and don’t want to get a permit? If so, this guide is for you. This article is basically your constitutional carry class. Free, but a little…

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