Only The Best | Concealed Carry Staff’s Favorite Gear — May 2022

Each year, the staff of Concealed Carry select a single product to feature in this post. Each one of us included our favorite product, and the reason for choosing it.

Who's pick do you agree with, and who got it wrong? Leave us a comment below.

LaserDot Laser Training Cartridge

Laser training cartridge for dry fire

My favorite dry fire training tool! The LaserDot Trainer allows me to practice my draw and first shot on target in the comfort of my home. — Sam

MCF Spark Flashlight

The versatility and size of this light make ideal for EDC. Matched with the 16340 rechargeable battery from RUG, it is my go to light. — David

SoftSeal Gel Ear Pads

softseals for electronic hearing protection

The Ready Up Gear soft seal gel ear pads are a major improvement on the stock ear pads on the Howard Leight muffs. If you train for extended periods, these are an excellent upgrade. — Jason

16340 USB Rechargeable Batteries 2Pk

16340 cr123 18650 batteries

Having a rechargeable battery has saved me so much money over time! Not to mention that having a 3.7 volt output (instead of the standard 3 volt) provides an extra 50 lumens out of my light. That's a win-win! — John Paul

OLAES Hemostatic Bandage

Tourniquets don't fix everything. Wound packing is essential for any trauma kit and the OLAES Hemostatic Bandage does it better than any other product on the market. — Brian

BarrelBlok Dry Fire Training and Safety Tool


I love dry fire with BarrelBlok because it allows for realistic gun manipulation while practicing. It comes with 3 mag blocks as well, so not only can you safely dry fire anywhere, but you can also practice realistic reloads. Beyond that, everyone can see the colored tip protruding from the barrel, indicating the gun has no round chambered, nor will it allow a round to be chambered. Definitely one of the best dry fire tools out there. — Corey

Range Ruck Range Backpack

I am not always as organized as I should be. That is one reason I love the Range Ruck. Instead of a few compartments, the bag has multiple sections that keep all my range gear in its proper place. The range Ruck lets me carry everything I need at the range in one bag. — Matthew

Ready Up Gear EarClip

ready up gear earclip

The Ready Up Gear EarClip is one of the simplest and coolest little products I have ever seen! It keeps your ear protection secured to your belt whenever you don't need them. No more looking like Mickey Mouse out on the range! — Mitch

EDC Belt CO Foundation Belt

foundation belt

The way it conforms to the organic shape of the human body is not available from any other belt capable of supporting the weight of a gun and holster. The variable stiffness throughout the belt increases comfort by removing stiffness from the back while giving the user two different options in the front and sides to customize the conceal ability of your gun to you and your needs. — Riley


So, which one of these staff favorites will you be getting??


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