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Each BarrelBlok comes with one (1) BarrelBlok, three (3) MagBlok magazine inserts and an instruction booklet. Your firearm does NOT have to be disassembled to use BarrelBlok. Simply insert BarrelBlok to train, and remove it to return your firearm to its ready state. BarrelBlok is SAFE, REALISTIC, TRAINING!


BarrelBlok™  Benefits:



BarrelBlok was designed for use in semi-automatic pistols so the user could realistically train while maintaining the full mechanical functionality of the firearm. There are several features that were engineered into BarrelBlok to provide the safest, most realistic training platform possible!

1.) Safe and Simple– BarrelBlok inserts through the open ejection port into the barrel and chamber. It effectively “blocks the barrel” and prevents the firearm from chambering a round. Your firearm is now safe. You DO NOT have to disassemble your firearm to use BarrelBlok.

2.) Visual Indicator– The tip of BarrelBlok protrudes from the muzzle allowing everyone to see the firearm is safe.

3.) Holster Clearance Indicator– The tip of BarrelBlok can be trimmed to obtain the proper draw height from a holster. It is recommended that BarrelBlok be trimmed so that approximately 1-inch is protruding from the muzzle. Use the half-inch increments as a guide when trimming the tip.

4.) Strike Face– BarrelBlok features a Strike Face on the rear of the device for the firing pin to contact when performing dry-fire training. This gives the firing pin a semi-rigid surface to hit without damaging the firing pin. It also helps to reduce the vibrations often felt when conducting dry-fire training.

5.) Out-of-Battery Indicator– BarrelBlok features an Extractor Ramp on the back that is designed to safely engage the extractor and prevent the firearm from going into battery if the slide is not fully actuated and released when charging. This is a great training aid for users who have a tendency to “ride-the-slide” forward or half-charge (short stroke) the slide. It also allows the user to set up out-of-battery malfunction drills with their pistol.

6.) Universal– BarrelBlok will fit into any firearm of the same caliber.

7.) Curved Neck– The curved neck aids in the easy insertion and removal of BarrelBlok from your firearm.

8.) MagBlok Insert– BarrelBlok™ comes with three (3) MagBlok inserts that snap into the top of an empty magazine. This device tricks the firearm into thinking it has ammunition in the magazine, preventing the slide from locking to the rear. With MagBlok inserted into an empty magazine, you know have FULL and UNRESTRICTED mechanical functionality with NO slide lock! Now you can now safely duplicate every function and malfunction in a training environment. The three MagBlok inserts allow the user to train with up to three magazines to simulate emergency reloads repetitiously. NOTE- MagBlok is NOT for sale separately.

Best of all, neither the firearm or magazine have to be disassembled to use BarrelBlok or MagBlok!  Simply insert it to train and remove it to return your firearm to its full ready state. Products are made from a composite material that will not mark, damage or mar any surface of your firearm. It is durable and designed to handle the rigors of firearms training. BarrelBlok is impervious to gun oil, lubricants, and GSR. BarrelBlok is universal for each caliber and will fit into multiple firearms. BarrelBlok is available in 9mm (9×19), .380 Auto, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .357 Sig.

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Weight 13.2 oz
Dimensions 24.5 × 10 × 1 cm

46 reviews for BarrelBlok Dry Fire Training And Safety Tool

  1. Kevin Lee (verified owner)

    BarrelBlok works as advertised. Prompt delivery. Easy to see that my firearms is safe to practice with.

  2. John Pinker (verified owner)

    BarrelBlok Surly works as advertised. Delivery was faster than I thought it would have been, So simple to use and helpful while I train two of my three daughters how to properly handle my firearms. Have had training in the military and Police Standards and training, I wish we had this product instead of the blue guns (Training Guns) Thank you for this product. I will pass the word around to my friends and family.

  3. Strada (verified owner)

    Great dry fire tool. Unlike plastic barrels you don’t have to take the pistol apart and the weight of the pistol remain the same. Unlike using dummy rounds, easy to see that the chamber is blocked. The magazine insert allows use of the mag therefor maintaining pistol weight and permits slide to rack without locking back permitting the next shot without the extra slide release movement. The second mag insert allows for second mag so configured to be used for tactical reloading. Great muscle memory development.

  4. David (verified owner)

    Great product. Being able to train with my EDC makes these almost as valuable as going to the range.

  5. Jerry Skiles (verified owner)

    I like the concept and it probably works for most, but I carry a Walther CCP and the cartridge inserts just do not fit into my magazines. I have sanded and filed and filed and sanded, and the one thing I can say is, this is some tuff plastic. I finally tossed them and decided to go with 9mm snap caps that I already owned. Of course, that means that after every 8 “shots” I have to reload. I suppose the answer to that is to load both mags get some practice changing mags after each 8 shots.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jerry I’m not sure what to say to that. I’ve tested them in all my 9mm mags, which are about 12 different guns but I don’t have the CCP. I’ll look for a chance to test for those when I can. Sorry for that issue.

  6. Ross (verified owner)

    Great tools. I have already started using the BarrelBlok and MagBlok’s as part of my (semi)-daily dry-fire practice. My wife feels much more comfortable knowing that she can visually confirm that I am handling an unloaded firearm. I look forward to introducing my students to these at my next training course. I’ll be ordering a few more for different length barrels.

  7. Dexter (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase of this product. Seeing the orange shaft sticking out of the barrel lets everyone including myself know that the gun does not have any live rounds in it. Works just as advertised.

  8. Gary (verified owner)

    Fwd works perfectly. As a suggestion, add a few dummy rounds to the mag and top them off with the mag block and the added weight gives one a more realistic training tool.

  9. Michael Kennedy

    Product came quickly and as advertised. Very happy with this training tool.

  10. Todd Davis (verified owner)

    Great product!
    My girlfriend is interested in learning more about handguns and shooting. I opened the package that had just arrived, and set up the gun and magazines with it.
    Two things happened. First, she became very comfortable knowing there were no bullets in the gun by the high-vis orange and that the gun wouldn’t go bang. Second, she saw how easy it was to manipulate the handgun in a safe manner, dry-fire, and to reload.
    We’re heading to the range this weekend, and I know she’s much more confident in gun-handling than ever before.
    Thanks for a great product guys!

  11. Teresa (verified owner)

    Received my Barrel Block supplies, and really like it, Thanks! Easy to setup, safe to practice, in and outside my apartment, yet without others around. Safe to use due to no shells! No Blasts, or need for ears.
    Glad to have this and my Dry fire card set, to assist and memorize. O hope my Personal trainer, will see a difference.

  12. Teresa (verified owner)

    Easy to setup, safe, in and outdoors. no live shells! Blasts, or need for ears. With the Dry fire card set, it will help me remember steps and improve.

  13. Bryan (verified owner)

    Ordered mine and it was defective from the get go. One of the links already had a partial cut and after a few uses it broke and the little bit that was in the barrel fell out. Just can no longer see it out of the barrel anymore. Woulda been a 5 except for this

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Bryan, we’ve never heard of something like that happening. It could be that a returned product someone ended up being shipped as new or that something in the manufacturing process accidentally cut that one and we missed in our QA. Either way, it would be covered by our warranty and our no questions asked return policy. Please contact our support team and we will replace it.

  14. Wayne (verified owner)

    Received my BarrelBlok kits for 9mm and .45. Both arrived in good condition and all parts accounted for. Using different colors (orange for 9mm and yellow for .45) is a big help in keeping track of which kit goes with which guns. The barrel plugs fit nicely in all my .45s and 9mm. The first time I inserted the MagBlok in magazine round side up and immediately recognized it was upside down. Reversing it to the correct position that allowed the slide to move forward without disturbing the MagBlok made everything work perfectly as it should.
    I am very pleased with both kits and will enjoy the hours of practice using them. A wonderful safety product.

  15. Glin (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing a product of exceptional quality. The kits I ordered arrived in my mailbox I immediately put them to work.

  16. Jim (verified owner)

    Great dry fire tool. My wife was alway anxious when I did dry fire practice, but see the bright orange BarrelBlok sticking out the front of the muzzle is a great comfort to her while I was practicing. I highly recommend it, especially for striker fired pistols.

  17. Joseph Shahoud (verified owner)

    This device is essential. In my opinion as an instructor, there is no reason to not have this device as part of your dry fire routine. They are so affordable that I have many. I just leave them any place in the house I would ever train. This way I don’t have to look for one when I need it. I also have one for every gun I ever have in class. Using pistols in class for demonstration purposes without each of them having a BarrelBlok inserted is negligent.

  18. wdmarsh (verified owner)

    Absolutely useless for me. I was really looking forward to getting this tool (which was advertised to make the gun behave as if it had live ammunition, meaning – to me, at least – that the slide would cycle and the trigger would reset each time I fired). This does not happen with my Glock G48. Once inserted, the gun dry fires once and that’s it. No slide action, no trigger reset. I have to manually rack the slide in order to fire again. I thought at first I had improperly installed the tool, but I’ve read and reread the instructions and tried four separate times, each time having the same disappointing results. I’d happily send it back for a refund were it not for the fact that I’ve already trimmed the tip of the BarrelBlok, so it’s not in pristine condition.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Sorry for the confusion on our end. It isn’t our intent to be misleading about the product. The BarrelBlok does help for more realistic training since the mag blocks that come with it depress the magazine follower preventing slide lock, which is necessary to practice reloads and malfunction clearing in a realistic way. The BarrelBlok cannot simulate live ammunition in the gun. To do so we recommend the Cool Fire Trainer which is a $300+ product. We would happily accept the return despite you having trimmed it. Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

  19. Barry Harlin (verified owner)

    I’m glad I got the barrelblok for my wife and I. We can now dry fire practice everyday safely in the house. It gives us much reassurance to know that no rounds are in our guns as we practice. Even when we lay down our guns and come back to them we can see immediately that they are not loaded. It’s also very evident to anyone that they do not have any rounds in them. We love this item and would suggest it to anyone that likes to train with dry fire.

  20. David (verified owner)

    I can’t add much to what has already been said. Awesome!

  21. David (verified owner)

    I am impressed, good tool.

  22. Ted Domin (verified owner)

    I got the barrelblok for a 9mm & 380. This is great.

  23. Eric (verified owner)

    This really helped my wife gain a lot of confidence with her gun. I’m glad to have a safe way to rehearse home defense.

  24. Curtis Szymczyk (verified owner)

    Got the Barrelblok for my Smith & Wesson 40 M&P and works like a charm. I have been doing a lot more dry fire practice with my wife and it makes her more comfortable to see it is safe. One thing though, it is a little on the expensive side for what you get.

  25. Stephen Risley (verified owner)

    Safe weapon at a glance. I had a BarrelBlok for my wife’s 380 EZ and my M9. Being able to practice and have a great visual indicator that the weapon is safe is priceless. They are so good I bought 4 more so I could keep 1 in every pistol that is not ready to be used. No BarrelBlok the weapon is hot. it’s not just a dry fire tool

  26. Andrea (verified owner)

    Very simple and very useful. Really like to use it and works well also for laser training.

  27. Liv (verified owner)

    A great visual queue to others to the state of your hand gun. (.380)

  28. Melissa G (verified owner)

    Great training tool! Easy to use and best part is it doesn’t require any disassembly of your gun. You also can’t beat the price! I bought 2

  29. tom (verified owner)

    The BARRELBLOK is what was NEEDED !
    Having carried for years – I got sloppy !
    Practicing quick draws from a concealed position, I finally made the mistake of discharging a round thru a wall in the home.
    Lucky for me it was an outside wall that faced a concrete block wall.
    Ya, I made some IMPORTANT mistakes that day,
    All practicing is now done with the BarrelBlok. And it’s orange stem sticking out of the barrel is PROOF that my practicing is SAFE !
    I now KNOW it is safe, and so does any one else in the house that happens to walk by and see me practicing !

  30. ron_hawkins (verified owner)

    Works exactly as expected. Tried the 9mm version in my last class and they worked great. Quick reset in the VP9 and M&P pro. Also using it for dry fire practice in Sig P938. Will be picking up a couple more 9mm for class

  31. SP (verified owner)

    A definite must, especially during these times when dry fire is more prominent.

    Allows you and others around you to have peace of mind during dry fire drills. I don’t have to keep triple checking like I used to.

    The magazine inserts were a nice surprise. They allow you to drill with full mag weight and do reload drills without the slide locking open.

  32. Bob Fately (verified owner)

    What is there to say – it works!

    Certainly, in conjunction with a “laser bullet” type of training device (like iTarget) this is quite helpful, in that the “fake round” in the magazine allows for the slide to snap back once manually racked, eliminating the step of thumbing down the release lever (if that can even be done; on my P365 it’s impossible to just push it down since it is so smoothly aligned with the side of the slide)

  33. d3varms (verified owner)

    Great for reassurance that my chamber is empty while dry firing.

  34. John Breen (verified owner)

    I purchased a BarrelBlok for my two .40 pistols (Sig and S&W MP) shortly after BarrelBlok hit the market (I purchased from another retailer before I became a member off CCWSafe.).

    The device works almost as advertised and I like the concept of having it protrude from the barrel. However, like an earlier reviewer, I found it almost impossible to insert or remove the pieces from my magazines. They were much too large! I had to use a bench grinder to grind them down to they would fit snuggly in my magazines (both, Sig and S&W)! As a previous reviewer noted, these things are made of some TOUGH plastic! It took quite a bit of work to get them down to a usable size.

  35. Reno (verified owner)

    Great visual indicator you are working with a clear firearm for dry fire. MagBloks work great (9mm). I like using the MagBloks with a laser cartridge to work reloads.

    As indicated, it does not cycle the slide/reset the trigger. There are more expensive training aids that will. If you would like full trigger range of motion, a small piece of paracord can be used to put the slide slightly out of battery.

    My primary goal was to make it so a round could not be chambered, and this gets the job done.

  36. Matthew Maruster (verified owner)

    Yes, both the MagBlok and BarrelBloks work based on caliber not the model of firearm. As long as you get the correct caliber, it will work.

  37. Jared Holmes (verified owner)

    Great product. Everyone should own one for dryfire practice.

  38. arcade1946 (verified owner)

    I wish I had seen the following review as it describes my experience precisely with all of my various Glocks. If I had I would not have ordered this product and saved myself $10 in shipping and return shipping:

    “absolutely useless for me. I was really looking forward to getting this tool (which was advertised to make the gun behave as if it had live ammunition, meaning – to me, at least – that the slide would cycle and the trigger would reset each time I fired). This does not happen with my Glock G48. Once inserted, the gun dry fires once and that’s it. No slide action, no trigger reset. I have to manually rack the slide in order to fire again. I thought at first I had improperly installed the tool, but I’ve read and reread the instructions and tried four separate times, each time having the same disappointing results”

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Arcade1946, thank you for your review. I apologize that we’ve somehow miscommunicated how this tool works and what it is designed to do. In order to cycle your slide and reset your trigger in dry fire you will need to invest in a $300+ product on the market. Nothing else exists that will do what you want it to do. The BarrelBlok is designed to ensure the gun is safe and cannot chamber or fire a real round while also allowing someone to setup and practice reloads, malfunction clearing and other gun manipulation techniques in the most realistic way possible. It doesn’t make the gun act as if it had real ammunition.

  39. Nick (verified owner)

    I bought this barrel block to use with an LCP 380. Guess I need to try warming the plastic it could not curve in tight enough to seat in the chamber. The LCP is very tiny and a 380 sized chamber is tough to guide the block tube into.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Nick, as you are inserting the BarrelBlok into the chamber, when it gets stuck, force the bend by pulling the barrelblok forward against the gun in order to temporarily increase the angle and then guide it in farther. It is strong and bending it an additional 45 degrees will not break or harm to product but should give you more leverage to insert it into your firearm.

  40. Brad Prough (verified owner)

    Excellent visual indicator for a safe gun it really put my wife at ease when I am dry firing. Wish The tail was a little more supple as I have to fight it rather more than I would have thought. Other than that Excellent product

  41. Mark Consigny (verified owner)

    The barrel block works well, once trimmed to size, it quickly and easily makes the pistol safe for dry fire training. The mag blocks, however, are neither quick nor easy to use, I can barely get them into my Ruger EC9S mags, and once in, I have to use a small screwdriver to pry them out, at which time they go flying across the room and I then get to train with my flashlight while looking for them. All in all, though, for the price this is a great tool for practicing trigger pull, tap and rack, presentation from holster, etc.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Mark, try taking some fine sandpaper and sanding the magbloks just slightly. This will provide a better fit for your magazine. The MagBloks are all the same but not all magazines are the same and some have tighter tolerances.

  42. dfye (verified owner)

    Easy to use on myMC1sc. I did have to put the tip of the barrel block in a pencil sharpener so it could insert it easily. I really like the safety aspect. You can’t go wrong.

  43. Clovis Stout (verified owner)

    Have them in .380ACP, 9mm and .45ACP and find them to work exactly as advertised. The barrel flag is reassuring to everyone at a gun shop, at the range or at home. The mag insert is a real friend when working with our striker-fired pistols. Didn’t dry fire the striker-fired ones until I got these because of the bothersome problem with slide lock. Highly recommend them to anyone, especially in conjunction with any of the dry-fire systems.

  44. Bryan Donovan (verified owner)

    I have the BarrelBlok in 9mm and .40. This is an excellent and inexpensive training tool to practice dry fire and reloading drills.

  45. HT Morgan

    Doesn’t work as advertised on Sig P320 9mm or Steyr MA2 9mm. It’s single shot and must be re-racked each shot. So it’s basically a safety guard.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Based on what you wrote, it works exactly as advertised. If you expected the BarrelBlok to somehow cycle your slide for you; that isn’t due to anything in the product’s description or advertising. I’m sorry if you are disappointed. You can return it for up to 60 days for a full refund.

  46. Vic Guempel

    Have been dry firing for over 60 years and thought I’d give this item a try in my .380 and 9mm. Complete waste of money. As long as you empty your weapon and separate the ammo you don’t need this at all. Save your money…

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