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The EDC Foundation belt was designed for every day concealed carry. It is rigid enough to be effective but maintains a low profile to maximize concealment and comfort. Sizing information below.

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“The Foundation Belt” from EDC Belt Co, LLC is 1.5″ and made for conceal carry out of Cordura and reinforced nylon webbing, in all of the right places, with a Tri-Glide low profile buckle. The Foundation Belt, by EDC was built to be a functional and comfortable belt for concealed carriers.

It is a double taper cut, made with 5 rows of stitching to be comfortable, conform to the wearer and to keep the belt from rolling back and a non-reinforced tag to allow the belt to be fed through the pant loops from either direction. It has a combination of softer materials and SCUBA webbing that only places heavy non-flexible SCUBA webbing in the areas you should wear a holster – from appendix to strong side on the nontag side and under the loop tape portion for running the tag through holster loops.


  • 1.5 Inches Wide. Fits traditional pant belt loops.
  • Made from Cordura and Reinforced Nylon Webbing (SCUBA webbing)
  • Includes a Tri-Glade low-profile buckle
  • Reinforced from 8 to 5 o'clock on the waist where any OWB or IWB holster would go but more flexible at the small of the back to conform to the body and increase comfort.

From the designer of this belt, Bryan Eastridge:

After carrying a pistol off-duty and concealed for over 16 years I was always on the hunt for a belt that combined function and comfort.  Several companies offer excellent belts which are made of very rigid materials.  These belts worked great for standing at the range for 8 hours, but the bulk of my day is seated in a vehicle or in my home office, and that’s where I decided I needed more comfort.  

I ordered a sewing machine and materials and started prototyping belts with the help of my business partner.  We discovered that the bulk of carry belts on the market use a stiff material known as SCUBA webbing as their center stiffening layer which also means the belt won’t mold or conform to the wearer’s hips and creates a stiff non-flexing area across the lower back.  I wear a stiff equipment belt for work, which becomes more challenging with age, and I have lower back problems associated with years of police work.  

I set out to re-engineer a belt that would be functional for concealed carry and comfortable to the wearer.  I carry appendix off-duty with a Keepers Concealment Holster and a Beretta 92G Elite LTT so the need to have a low-profile buckle was paramount and the ability to thread the belt either direction was a necessity.  We designed a belt that places heavy SCUBA duty webbing only where you would mount a holster and a lighter webbing that extends across the lower back to allow the belt to form to the hips. The double-tapered end allows the belt to be threaded in either direction.

Very simplistic belt. It has a very low signature. Why is that important? Because as we add more stuff […] I don't want more bulk under my clothes. This is as thin as you're going to go and not use the rigidity and support that you need. Its really easy to use, no buckles I have to take off or anything like that. Two thumbs up on this belt. I would highly recommend it for a concealed carrier. – Mickey Schuch

It is by far the most comfortable concealed carry belt I've worn ever. A concealed carry belt needs to be rigid so that it controls the magazine and pouches but the problem with a rigid belt is it starts to get really uncomfortable when it sits down on your sciatic nerve. What they did here is they put the scuba webbing in the right places but left it flexible in the other places so the belt can conform to your body and be a lot more comfortable. – Ernest Langdon

Waist Size / Belt Size

27-30 / 28
29-32 / 30
31-34 / 32
33-36 / 34
35-38 / 36
37-40 / 38
39-42 / 40
41-44 / 42
43-46 / 44
45-48 / 46
47-50 / 48
49-52 / 50

Sizing your EDC Belt© Co LLC “The Foundation” © Belt Using a tailor’s tape.

Measure your true pant size by threading the tailor’s tape through your belt loops WITH YOUR HOLSTER AND ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES MOUNTED ON YOUR PANTS! This may require assistance. Take the closest size to the measurement in INCHES. Make sure you thread the tape through holster mounting loops as well. Generally, this will be the next belt size up from your pant size.

Example: EDC Belt© Co LLC Co-Founder Bryan’s true waist size is 35 ¼. Bryan wears 36 waist pants. With his Beretta Elite LTT in an AIWB Holster and JM Custom Kydex OWB mag pouch mounted, his Measurement is 37 ¾. Bryan buy’s a size 38 Belt.

Note: You CANNOT tighten the belt below it's nominal size. But, you CAN loosen the belt by 3″ (more if you don't' need all the velcro to make contact). Belt can be loosened up to 3″ but CANNOT bet tightening below it's nominal size. So you are on the edge, order a size smaller.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 cm

26 reviews for The Foundation Belt by EDC Belt CO

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    I have worn this for a few days. Very comfortable and stable. Holds its shape and supports EDC well. My only complaint is minimal and that is getting the Velcro thru the first loop when tightening my belt.

  2. David H (verified owner)

    Best gun belt I’ve ever owned, and I’ve bought quite a few trying to find the correct one. Ive found my belt and will be buying a backup. When tightening the belt I don’t through the last loop, I go over the loop the Velcro holds well over the loop.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Different concept, but it works great. The velcro holds really well and you are not restricted in adjustments because there are no holes!

  4. Scott

    Nice belt. Sturdy but not heavy like the instructors belt I’ve become accustomed to wearing. Recommend you take the manufacturer’s advice and drop down a size. Wish they had a brown/tan color in addition to black.

  5. Bruce Hartmetz (verified owner)

    Haven’t had much/any luck with belts. I am a big guy with no butt… Pants tend to slide off my waist regardless of where I wear them. This belt offers me hope, as long as I order the correct size. I like the belt I purchased, unfortunately, I bought it too large, but I am getting ready to order a new one in a smaller size.

  6. John Tallcott (verified owner)

    This is the most comfortable belt I have ever owned. Good retention sturdy construction.

  7. Joseph Gamble (verified owner)

    Great fit and finished. Very comfortable. The buckle is the lowest profile available. Highly recommended.

  8. Bill V (verified owner)

    This is just what me holsters needed. Great product, fits perfect and I highly recommend this belt to anyone that’s looking for comfort and durability.

  9. Bill (verified owner)

    One could spent twice as much and have a stiffer belt but for ccw I like it very much. I doesn’t feel like you are strangled by a stiff gun belt and yet is is very secure. No ‘signature’ buckle that shouts “gun belt” either. Don’t buy a larger size or the velco that attaches back over to main belt mights over extend. I did but I just tug tag end in a loop.

  10. Davis Koziol (verified owner)

    Price is right and delivery was prompt. Not a fan of the style, too tactical looking. The velcro gives infinite adjustability but belt is cumbersome to put on and off and I went to looping the velcro over last loop, looks out of place. Bathroom visits are a challenge.
    Supports Mid size pistol very well and is comfortable but probably won’t be everyday carry belt.

  11. fritz1 (verified owner)

    This is the only decent gun belt I own that isn’t too thick to be well concealed or too stiff with too hard an edge to be comfortable. Bladetech is nice and thin, but has narrow-radius edge that is uncomfortable for all-day use. CB’s Instructor Belt is too thick where the hook-and-loop material overlaps to be concealed at all. I know, it says “Instructor” not “conceal carry”, but with no buckle it was a temptation I couldn’t resist. This belt’s hook-and-loop is industrial grade and is very stiff where it’s needed, but contours to my old-man-pear-shape nicely. The Foundation Belt is still comfortable after a long day, and that’s what makes me want to wear it every day.

  12. Lyle Giese (verified owner)

    It fits great! Love the infinity type adjustment. Has lots of trouble with leather belts and the buckle holes getting out of shape and the lack of infinite adjustments. This looks like a real winner

  13. Larry A. (verified owner)

    Nice Belt! I got one for my wife also.Very comfortable to wear all day. Quality construction. Flexible, yet thicker where it needs to be.
    Wife likes it also for the same reasons. No complaints so far.

  14. Jerry Apodaca (verified owner)

    Nice Belt. It is firm but light weight and the hook and loop system is strong. The belt is slim and so is the buckle. I’ve only had it a week now so I can’t comment on durability but it seems to be constructed well. My only real concern is the durability of the buckle. It is a thin metal buckle that allows the belt to maintain comfort so we’ll see if that is a compromise for strength. One thing about the small buckle is it’s size allow itself to pass through belt loops easily if you want to rotate the buckle to the side and out of the way of the holster, that’s a nice feature. I’ve owned three different brands of EDC belts and by far this is the lightest and thinnest of the three. (This one, EDC Belt Co & Stealth Gear) Time will tell us about the durability but it’s definitely a good value!

  15. James Koostra (verified owner)

    I was very hesitant to spend this kind of money on a belt. I’ve carried for 10 years, but only used a thick leather belt. After hearing some podcasts and reading reviews, I bought this belt. It is the best piece of ccw gear I have. It is the most comfortable belt I’ve ever worn AND it makes carrying a full size as comfortable as a subcompact. An unexpected benefit I’ve found is that I like some holsters now that I hated and threw into the box of shame. Jim

  16. Matt B. (verified owner)

    I ordered one size smaller than what they recommend and it leaves about 9″ of a tail. There is about 5″ of soft Velcro not used. Good if I loose weight!! Not good if gain. I have used a leather belt for quite a while and this belt holds the holster higher on my waist and doesn’t flex out as much. I carry Appendix so as it rides a little higher it tends to print just a little more as my stomach pushes it out. I have adjusted the tension to get a good feel. At first I was skeptical but as I have wore it daily for a week I have enjoyed it. It is a 1.5″ belt at the minimum and is a little tight going through my belt loops.
    Comfortable. Just make sure when you put the tail onto the Velcro you put it on straight or slightly lower so the hard Velcro doesn’t rub on your skin.

  17. Joey C. (verified owner)

    I like this belt because it doesn’t have a large (ratchet type) buckle that sticks out, maybe 3/4 an inch, beyond my AIWB worn holster. I conceal carry a full-size pistol and this belt helps minimize printing. I’ve worn the belt for about 7 days now and I believe it’s stiff enough to draw well and be safe. It’s my new primary belt.

  18. Deke (verified owner)

    This is the first”gun belt” that I have owned, so going from belts not optimized to haul a gun around, this was a definite improvement. I had a weak sauce belt that didn’t really hold my gun (Canik Elite SC) up and a cheap heavy leather belt, and I would bounce between constantly having to hike up my pants and killing my back. This belt fixes both those problems. I don’t find the belt buckle difficult to manage after a week of wearing, but I do wonder how long he Velcro will take to wear out. However, at the price point if I get more than a year out of it, I wouldn’t cry about it wearing out.

  19. Paul Kampmeyer (verified owner)

    Product just as described and very happy with my belt ✅

  20. Wes Rogers (verified owner)

    I detest this belt. It loosens up as you move around during the day. I think this is for two reasons–the velcro slipping and the belt stretching. On a strenuous day, it doesn’t even hold up my pants much less a gun. This was to replace my excellent leather gun belt that had finally worn out after 10 years. I’ll be looking for another belt as this one is worthless to me.

  21. James Swanson (verified owner)

    Good belt, but it doesn’t provide me with how I intended to use it. I planned to wear it more as a strap around my waist when I’m wearing gym shorts or sweat pants without belt loops. But it would be next to my skin, and not over a t-shirt. It would have worked perfectly, but the inside lining fabric was not smooth and it irritated my skin. It’s a great belt, but it isn’t what I needed.

  22. Jeremiah (verified owner)

    Great belt, great quality, definitely recommend.

  23. John Carney (verified owner)

    My favorite EDC belt. Comfortable and well made. Great and strong hook & loop (velcro) system that allows one belt to accommodate both IWB or OWB holsters. Stiff where it needs to be and flexible where it needs to be.

  24. Eli (verified owner)

    Feels like a solid belt that will hold up well. Once the gun is secured it may be worth ordering one size bigger than normal to accommodate for that extra space taken up.

  25. Rob McAninch (verified owner)

    I got a second belt so I can leave one in my everyday jeans. Works great. I tried a belt or two that are stiff to the point of being less comfortable and the big buckles can get in the way.

    I thread the metal buckle through my belt loops as that tends to be the easier direction, and typically leave the belt overlapping a belt loop. My belt is typically covered so I’m not concerned about a tactical look. As for sizing: I’m wearing a belt the same size as my jeans.

  26. Spencer Castro (verified owner)

    Super comfortable and easy to loop compared to other belts with a big buckle.

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