Why People Don’t Buy A Shot Timer – Top Reasons Exposed

When we released our new-to-market shot timer called the RangeTech Bluetooth Shot Timer, we did a fair amount of market research to understand what you thought about shot timers. I have to say that some of the results of this survey surprised me. Reasons People Don’t Buy a Shot Timer: First, I want to tackle…

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Only The Best | Staff’s Favorite Gear – April 2021

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Our store is filled with a lot of different gear and training courses. So the other day, my boss Jacob asked all the Concealed Carry employees to let him know what their favorite item in the store was. The responses covered a wide variety of products. So I have decided to post everyone’s picks here…

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Episode 467: Using a Shot Timer in Dry Fire

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster talk about dry fire strategies and specifically how to incorporate a shot timer into dry fire as is shown in the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge video found at https://www.shooterreadychallenge.com.

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