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The MCF (Modular Compact Flashlight) is a series of components that can be interchanged together to create a flashlight. The Spark is a preconfigured set of those components. The Spark is designed to be the smallest and lightest flashlight on the market with over 500 lumens of output.


  • The body is no wider in diameter than is absolutely necessary to run a CR123A battery and has the same diameter from head to tail. 2cm wide not including the belt clip.
  • Knurling in the body of the light makes it easy to grip.
  • High strength steel belt clip won't budge unless you choose to remove it. Designed to clip onto reinforced pockets. Slips on quickly and easily without causing damage to your pockets.
  • Orient the body of the light in either direction to change the orientation of the clip.
  • The flashlight can run from 4 different types of batteries. The AA, 14500, CR123a, and the 16340. See specifications below for runtime and lumen output.
  • When running a AA battery use the included spacer on either side of the body for increased modularity.

Included Tail Caps:

The Spark comes with two different tail caps so the user can choose their optimal button based on the application.

  1. MCF Utility Tailcap. The button sits above the body of the tail cap to make it as easy as possible to activate the light.
  2. MCF Tactical Tailcap. The button is recessed and flush with the body of the tail cap. This prevents potential accidental activation of the light. The tactical tail cap also has optional slots to attach a lanyard (not included)

Button / Light Function:

This light features a momentary on & constant on function. Press the switch gently to activate momentary on. Releasing the switch will deactivate momentary on. Press the switch until you hear a click to activate constant on. To turn off constant on, press the switch fully until you hear and feel a click.

In the design of this light, we proactively chose to not include any complex button functions that could overly complicate the use of the flashlight. To change brightness change the battery you use with the light.

In addition, The Spark comes with a body spacer which allows the flashlight to optionally run a traditional AA battery instead of the CR123a/16340.

Modular Handheld Flashlight

Additional information

Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 12.5 × 3.5 × 8 cm

12 reviews for MCF Spark Flashlight

  1. Gilbert Peel (verified owner)

    I received the MCG spark. Installed a 16340 battery and was very impressed with the light output. A very good, easy to use product.

  2. Mark

    Installed a CR123a rechargeable & this little flashlight is very bright with smooth light distribution from intense at the center slowly dimming to the edge. works better than I imagined. Well constructed.

  3. Rick Wixom

    Received my first in the last GN Gear Box and it has proven so handy and reliable I have purchased a second and today I am placing an order for two more. Come Christmastime I will be purchasing 5-6 as gifts and stocking stuffers. Running on the CR123a, this little lamp is a dynamo! One in pocket, in go-bag, and one on the visor pocket beside my tac knife pepper spray (from GN Gear Box) and detective length retractable baton. This is a must-have gadget for anyone who does anything — how’s that for a broad service tool user category?!

  4. Rob

    Received my spark flashlight and installed at 16340 battery in it and was blown away by the brightness of the light. I’ve also had it for a couple months now and use it frequently but last night was the first time I had to change the battery so its using battery power very well.

  5. Matt Benore (verified owner)

    This is the second light I have (first was in GN box). I am a truck driver and use this light all the time even during daylight to illuminate shadows I need to see clearly.

    Highly recommend it.

  6. Dar (verified owner)

    I heard Riley talk about this on the podcast and decided to try it out. It’s perfect for EDC. The choice of batteries is handy and even the AAs put out an impressive beam. I liked it so much, I gave one to my wife which she now carries.

  7. Bravo Charlie (verified owner)

    Has grown to be my favorite edc light. Surprised at how small it was but has very bright light. Great product highly recommend as an addition to the flash light arsenal.

  8. jamesdfabrizio (verified owner)

    These flashlights are great. I use one as part of my EDC. Partner it with the rechargeable batteries and it is a great value. The actual brightness and throw make it the perfect light.

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    Great little light. Very compact. The tail switch is great and quality is very good. I am happy with the performance with CR123 but haven’t tried it with AA or rechargeable.

  10. Mark Hatzung (verified owner)

    Love the small size of this flashlight. It carries in a pocket easily without taking much real-estate. I love how bright it is for the size. I think I need a second one. I like the second switch option also.

  11. jskiles95 (verified owner)

    LOVE these flashlights!

  12. Gordon Olson (verified owner)

    Great size for EDC, It’s very bright and I like the idea of being able to use 4 different type batteries.

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