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Phlster Pro Series Review: Is This The Best Holster You Can Buy? (VIDEO)

So is the Phlster Pro Series Holster the best you can buy? The simple answer is, maybe.

Back in 2011, a guy named John Hauptman started a YouTube Channel called Philly EDC. The company ‘Phlster' grew from that channel into the well-respected holster company it is now.

They are known for a few different models, including the solid ‘Phlster Classic' and ‘Floodlight' holsters. Hauptman designed the innovative ‘Flex' which is a soft modular backing that can be configured to accept different combinations of Phlster holster products.

I've been a fan of theirs for a while and was really excited to read about the release of the new Pro Series and its features.

I reached out to them to see if they would like me to evaluate one and give some honest feedback on our website, and they agreed. Customer service was courteous and extremely fast, which from everyone else I have ever talked to who have Phlster products, is the norm. I had it in my hands four days later.

The Phlster Pro Series Holster is an outstanding holster in terms of value and function.

As a gun instructor and concealed carrier, I feel as though all concealment holsters need to check off certain boxes in order to be fit for concealed carry. Here are all of the “must have” boxes that must be checked, in order for me to even consider carrying any holster.

Holster Must-Haves

  • Hard-sided composition
  • Well-protected trigger guard area
  • Adjustable ride-height and cant
  • Solid mounting hardware
  • A sculpted trigger guard area that allows a shooter's grip with the gun in the holster

The Pro Series Described

The Pro Series is constructed from Kydex and is formed specifically for your firearm. The attention to detail is not lacking.

The holster completely covers the trigger guard on my Glock 19, yet is perfectly sculpted to allow for a high grip with the gun still inside. It is designed to accept nearly any holster clip system available, and comes with a pair of pull the dot snap loops which happen to be my favorite attachment for EDC.

You can add the Discrete Carry Concepts Monoblock clips, and if clips are your thing, these are undoubtedly one of the best options one can buy. For those of you who need to have a tucked shirt, the grip hook clips are a solid option.

All the various clips can be mounted in different configurations and have ample adjustment for cant and ride height.

The Pro Series covers the trigger completely but doesn't prohibit you from establishing your high grip early in the draw stroke.

Pro Series Attributes Set it Apart

  • Completely ambidextrous
  • Integrated smooth wedge
  • Adjustable mod wing
  • Tall sight channel for suppressor height sights
  • Holster accommodates all different handgun optic configurations
  • Open/flared muzzle end for suppressor barrels
  • Accepts various models of the same gun profile eg. one holster for the Glock 17/19/26/34 etc.
  • Adjustable retention

The flared muzzle end of the holster means you can use your threaded barrel without issue.

Lefties can now rejoice, because the Pro Series Phlster Holster can be carried by both lefties and righties by simply flipping the hardware to the opposite side.

It comes standard with an integrated wedge at the muzzle end of the holster that sits between the holster and the body, which angles the grip of the gun into the body and muzzle out. Check out my video review, here:

This helps conceal the gun better and helps distribute pressure over a larger surface area.

Incidentally, this also slightly aligns the muzzle away from the body which is a good thing. I find that a wedge is ideal for appendix inside waistband carry (AIWB). I personally feel the Pro Series is ideal for appendix carry, but traditional, strong side IWB carry is also possible.

The smooth muzzle end of the holster allows you to add an aftermarket foam wedge, however, most will probably find the wedge that is molded into the Kydex sufficient. While we're focused on the muzzle end of the holster, it's a good time to mention that the holster end is open which facilitates suppressor barrels.

My Culper Precision Glock 19 suppressor barrel's thread protector nut doesn't extend past the bottom of the holster.

The integrated wedge increases surface area, eliminating hot spots. The fact that it is smooth, means that if you want to add an aftermarket foam wedge, you have ample area to add it.

Particularly if you carry AIWB, a wing or claw device that pushes on the backside of the belt, twisting the gun's grip into the body works miracles for concealment. The included mod wing has two adjustments so you can control just how much torque you put on the holster.

If you carry traditional IWB or the dreaded small of the back (SOB) you can remove the wing for comfort.

The Pro Series is not biased against a red dot and accepts all shapes and sizes, no DIY dremmeling required.

Often along with optics come taller iron sights. Don't worry, your tall sights won't be marred from scraping the inside of the holster because the Pro Series has a generously large sight channel.

I have found that the retention of Kydex holsters varies from company to company. The Pro Series' retention was tight at first but can be adjusted by a screw allowing you to set it to whatever you want.

Should you Buy the Pro Series?

The Pro Series will accept nearly any concealed carry holster clip on the market. The Pro Series ships with a pair of soft loops, and you can add the DCC Monoblock clips or tuckable Griphooks.

Holster selection is a process of trial and error. Finding just what features work for your body/gun/carry method combination won't happen with your first holster purchase.

I consider this to be a top-tier holster that will satisfy all the demands that an everyday carry rig needs to meet. After using it exclusively for over 3 months now while teaching several classes and doing strenuous work and exercise while carrying it, I have no doubt that it will continue to hold up.

And because I do, I feel confident recommending it for any application.

I am often asked about the comfort of carrying appendix while sitting and if smaller holsters are more comfortable. The Pro Series is not huge, but it isn't a tiny holster either.

I've worn it on several 2 and 3-hour drives as well as while running, jumping, and performing other exercises without discomfort. I actually have more comfort with this holster than some smaller holsters I have tried in the past.

I can also easily conceal a Glock 19 without having to wear a baggy shirt. The fact that it conceals so well is a testament of its design and near infinite adjustability.

If you don't add other mounting hardware, the holster runs $79.99 on the Phlster website. This is an incredible price point when you compare it to other holsters in the same class. If you have dealt with them in the past, you know that they have outstanding customer service that includes a 30-day return policy and a transferable, lifetime warranty on any damaged holster or parts.

The Modwing comes with two attachments. The long one (pictured here) torques the holster more than the smaller block.

So should you buy the Pro Series? It's a versatile, ambidextrous holster that comes ready for you to grow into. If you don't currently have an optic, but are looking to add one in the future, would you want to buy another holster or have one that already works?

You can configure it for traditional IWB or AIWB so if you're not sure where you want to carry your gun, you can experiment. It's smartly designed for maximum comfort and concealment. And the holster is competitively priced. I personally love the holster and find it incredibly comfortable and secure.

Visit their website, here.

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