2 Concealed Carry Seat Belt Hacks

Context matters and the vehicle is one place where the environment does change some of the best practices and tactics deployed by concealed carriers for daily comfort and preparedness and how one might respond to an actual threat while in the car. One of these considerations is what to do with your seat belt. In…

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Trouble Concealing Your EDC With a Sidecar Holster?

SIG P365 9mm in Tac-Lab MTR Holster

Some time ago, I ditched one-piece, Kydex “sidecar” style holsters. Sidecar style holsters have an integrated magazine pouch design. I came to this decision not because they are unsafe but because I found that the design hindered concealment for some people (like me). I’ll explain. Conversation About AIWB Comfort and Concealment Issues: I recently had…

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Phlster Pro Series Holster Review, The Best Yet?

In this Phlster Pro Series Holster review, I want to address the following question. Is this the best concealed carry holster you can buy? The simple answer is, maybe. Background on Phlster: Back in 2011, a guy named John Hauptman started a YouTube Channel called Philly EDC. The company ‘Phlster’ grew from that channel into…

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