3 Reasons I Prefer a Full Kydex Over a Hybrid Holster

People have a wide range of holster choices for their every day carry (EDC) concealed handgun. Over the years, I have used holsters of various styles and materials. In the end, I prefer a full Kydex holster. I’ll tell you why I believe a holster made completely of Kydex has performance and safety advantages over…

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Negligent Shooting in Walmart Injures 4 — shooter Arrested

duty to inform / notify

A recent incident in Clayton County, Georgia, provides us with another example of the potential ramifications of irresponsible gun handling. I feel incidents like these should be an example for those who don’t practice safe gun handling, but a reminder to all gun owners. So here is the synopsis of the incident. Neglegent Shooting in…

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3 Reasons to Buy a Second Holster For the Same Gun

Finding a holster that works is tough and can be quite expensive. However, once you find the holster that checks all the boxes, there are a few reasons to have a second holster for your every day carry (EDC) gun. Holster Selection Help — Holsters aren’t cheap and I’m not recommending anyone go out and…

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Free Holster Selection Education Videos

One thing every concealed carrier can relate with is how difficult it is to find a holster that conceals the firearm well and is also comfortable enough to wear every day. We’ve published a lot of content on the topic over the years. But it seems no matter how often we talk about it, there…

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Reviewing the New Maven OWB Holster from JM4 Tactical

JM4 Tactical, a company known for their magnetic clip gun holsters made from high-quality leather, just released a new outside the waistband holster called Maven. JM4 Tactical Maven Series Holsters— I know the guys at JM4 Tactical pretty well, and anytime they come out with a new product, they send one over to me…

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What You Don’t See Can Kill You

Shooting through clothing

** We originally published this post August 29, 2017 ** I have wanted to address this topic for quite some time. I hope the accompanying video is a visual of the ever-present danger law enforcement officers (LEOs) face during every contact. But not just LEOs, but anyone targeted by an armed criminal. What happens in…

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