SoftSeal: Amazing Ear Pro Upgrade | REVIEW, 1 Year Update

ear pro upgrade

Electronic ear pro for shooting is my favorite choice. However, wearing a muff-style ear pro for several hours can become uncomfortable because the ear pads are not exceptionally soft. These replacement ear pads from ReadyUpGear are amazingly comfortable. So much so; I guarantee you won’t go back to standard ear pro once you try them.…

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What You Don’t See Can Kill You

Shooting through clothing

** We originally published this post August 29, 2017 ** I have wanted to address this topic for quite some time. I hope the accompanying video is a visual of the ever-present danger law enforcement officers (LEOs) face during every contact. But not just LEOs, but anyone targeted by an armed criminal. What happens in…

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Wild Video: Tweaker Threatens Motorists With Simulated Gun

Uncontrolled rage and illicit drugs have something in common. People under their influence sometimes do dangerously stupid things. This video shows an out-of-control woman threatening people with a simulated handgun. Beyond presenting a visible lesson about why meth (yeah I’m speculating) is bad, this video provides an opportunity to discuss why threatening the use of…

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VIDEO – Considerations for Helping an Officer

We often hear reports or see videos of citizens stepping in to help officers struggling with suspects. Two recent videos prompted me to jot down some advice for anyone considering helping an officer during a fight. Florida Officer Request Assistance — In the first video, we see an officer contact someone walking in the center…

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