Mantis Reveals The 3 Handgun Companies Shooters Love Most

What manufacturers' handguns do people use and train with most? The company Mantis looked at user data from their popular training devices to come up with the answer to that question. Jot down your guesses for the top three companies, and see if you're right.

Mantis X Products and Software:

Before we answer the question above, it's important to explain from where I got the data.

Mantis is a company that engineers and sells the most sophisticated firearm training accessories available. The most well know is their Mantis X device. The Mantis X is the most recent generation of their device that tracks an incredible amount of shot data during live or dry fire.

mantis x

Attach the electronic gyroscope device to the gun and start recording many metrics. For example, the Mantis records things like muzzle movement before, during, and after the shot. But that is just the beginning of the device's ability. The Mantis X also gives feedback on muzzle rise, recoil impulse, and how long it takes to draw from the holster and present the gun on target.

All this data is analyzed as a whole and used to help coach some typical shooting fundamental deficiencies. The Mantis X device is truly a fantastic tool for anyone serious about improving their handgun skills.

Mantis released shot recording software that records shots of a laser training gun like the SIRT pistol from Next Level Training or a laser cartridge insert like this one from Ready Up Gear.

This software called Mantis Academy is full of drills and various courses of fire. Combining the software with the laser training devices takes dry fire training to the next level and provides feedback that is impossible to obtain otherwise.

What the Data Says:

Part of the usefulness of the Mantis devices and software is that it considers individual, specific variables like if the user is right or left-handed and what manufacturer, type, and caliber of firearm they are using during a particular training session.

Mantis took one data point from user-supplied info to understand which firearm manufacturer's guns are most represented. I reached out to Mantis and was told the sample size was “tens of thousands” of results. Here are the findings.

The top three companies are:


Sig Sauer

Smith & Wesson

Is that a surprise? It probably shouldn't be. If you ever want to know which handguns people carry most for concealed carry, check out which manufacturers' guns holster companies support. For example, don't be surprised not to find many holsters for Seacamp .32 pistols; nobody carries them.

For a complete picture, including percentages of all significant segments, check out the included graph.

Top 10 Results:

Here is the complete breakdown:

  1. Glock-29.9%
  2. Sig Sauer-17.3%
  3. S&W-10.4%
  4. CZ-7.4%
  5. Springfield-7.3%
  6. H&K-4.8%
  7. Walther-3.8%
  8. Beretta-3.1%
  9. Ruger-2.5%
  10. Other-13.7%


While that number would be interesting, I don't think it changes much of anything. If you are involved in firearm training, whether competitively or for self-defense, you likely guessed the top three with ease.


One thing that stood out to me was CZ's location on the list. I wonder if their location is due to P10 users (associated primarily with self-defense) or that CZ handguns are a popular manufacturer for competition shooters? Maybe Mantis will give us a peek into more data trends.

What stood out to you? If you carry a Ruger and are fuming because of their low representation, we have provided a safe space for you to vent in the comments section.

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  1. Gary Monfred on August 18, 2021 at 8:09 am

    Really surprised that Smith and Wesson only came in a little over 10%. I know that Glock is popular but since they don’t offer manual safeties, I am surprised that so many went that route.

    No huge surprises on the list. Interesting information – thanks Mathew.

    • Tony on August 18, 2021 at 4:55 pm

      I can’t imagine very many concealed carriers who train often actually like manual safeties…. It’s nice not having a manual safety on my carry Glock. One less thing to worry/think about in a self-defense situation. Plus Glock triggers are not exactly known for being light and smooth, haha. Long-term, the best safety is you and your own discipline and routines.

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