Own an AR-15? Check out the Blackbeard from Mantis

mantis AR15 laser tool

The Blackbeard AR-15 laser training device is relatively new to the market. However, it’s already dominating the competitive products in the space with its impressive features and performance. For those unfamiliar with how laser cartridges and laser training guns work in dryfire practice, I’ve included a link to the review of the Mantis Laser Academy.…

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Mantis Reveals The 3 Handgun Companies Shooters Love Most


What manufacturers’ handguns do people use and train with most? The company Mantis loed at user data from their popular training devices to come up with the answer to that question. Jot down your guesses for the top three companies, and see if you’re right. Mantis X Products and Software: Before we answer the question…

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Review: The New Mantis Laser Academy

mantis laser academy

What is the Laser Academy from MantisX? Mantis Laser Academy is a laser, shot recording smartphone application with built-in training modes. The app is from the same well-known company that produced the Mantis X device! The different modes allow you to keep dry fire practice fresh and challenging. I have used it for roughly three…

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Episode 469: The Mantis Elite Marksman

Jacob welcomes Ratigan back as a guest to help discuss a series of free training courses Jacob just completed via the Mantis app; and what he learned from them. Tune in to understand how you too may benefit from Jacob’s takeaways or from completing the training program yourself.

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What I Learned, Mantis Elite Marksman

I’ve been familiar with Mantis since they had their “popup” booth at SHOT Show in 2016. We’ve been resellers of the product here on our site since 2017. About a year ago I started seeing people on posting images of Mantis Patches earned by completing no-cost courses within the Mantis mobile app. It sounded…

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Episode 424: Gunfight Hit Factor – Processes & Results

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster talk about an intriguing topic with broad implications. USPSA competitions use a metric known as “hit factor” to measure shooting performance in a match. “Points” per second is an idea that can be directly applied to defensive situations as well. So how can we increase our defensive “hit factor?”

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