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Episode 238: Interview With Shooting Powerhouse Couple Ryan and Dianna Muller

Today Riley interviews Ryan and Dianna Muller, pro-shooters and all around amazing people. Ryan is an engineer and does a lot of consulting work in the industry especially for F1 Firearms which are quite distinctive AR-15 platform rifles. Dianna does a lot of work with her organization, The DC Project. She also just recently returned from winning […]

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Breath: The Most Underrated Shooting Fundamental

Stance. Grip. Sight alignment. Sight picture. Breath. Trigger press. Follow through. These are the seven fundamentals that every competent shooter applies, even if they don’t call them by those labels. There is plenty of information around about developing skills for six of the fundamentals. But where concealed carry is concerned, breath is often ignored. That’s […]

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Episode 232: Choosing the Right Gun for You With Jeff Gonzales

Today Riley and Jacob interview Jeff Gonzales for the second time on the Concealed Carry Podcast! We cover some great topics including handgun choice and size, finding quality training, and also protecting the profession of firearms training by raising quality and providing more resources such as through the new Firearms Trainers Association, a collaborative effort […]

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