REVIEW: XS Sights R3D Night Sights [VIDEO]

xs sights

XS Sights has been well known in the industry for their Big Dot sights dating back to their Ashley Emerson and Ed Pastusek days in the late nineties. While I could always appreciate why some shooters liked the Big Dots (including our Managing Editor, Matthew Maruster), I didn’t personally prefer them to traditional post-and-notch…

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Mantis Reveals The 3 Handgun Companies Shooters Love Most


What manufacturers’ handguns do people use and train with most? The company Mantis loed at user data from their popular training devices to come up with the answer to that question. Jot down your guesses for the top three companies, and see if you’re right. Mantis X Products and Software: Before we answer the question…

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Lawsuit: Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat

sig p365 vs hellcat

Many folks who shoot guns argue over which guns are best for concealed carry. One such comparison is the Sig Sauer P365 vs. the Springfield Armory Hellcat. As far as that is concerned, I’ll hold my opinion for another time. That said, now attorneys will have to litigate a dispute between Springfield and Sig Sauer.…

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NRAAM 2019 New Releases

We are out at the NRA Annual Meetings, 2019, wandering around the show floor, checking out the goodies, and running into a few of our friends from around the country. If you’re here, make sure you stop us and say hi if you see any of us walking around. If we see you because you’re…

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Sig P320 XCompact Review [Video]


SIG P320 XCompact Review — Several years back, Sig Sauer released the P320, and it received high praise. The gun had a nice ‘out of the box’ trigger and it was part of a fire control unit (FCU) that was able to be placed into a P320 of any caliber. Sig had various sized grip…

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