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SHOT Show 2018 in 30+ Pictures

SHOT Show is over. It is a whirlwind of walking, talking, making new friends, and visiting old ones. But, once it is over, doesn't mean we stop talking about it. We understand that the chances are good that you've never been there before, and this time around, I figured I'd share with you just a handful of the pictures I took while there.

Here are over 30 pictures from SHOT Show, 2018 from the thousands I was able to take while there. Trying to pick out some is hard, so I may do another round of these if I feel like it's necessary.

This is a custom engraved 1911 from Robert's Defense.

We weren't sure if the Alien Gear Fan Holster was a real thing or not, but I'm here to tell you that I confirmed, and this is a picture of it, below. Basically what you see is a computer fan with a built-in battery that is chargeable via a USB. The fan supposedly lasts about 8 hours, and I was able to feel the air moving behind the holster. It does work, but is it necessary? Time will tell.

One of my goals while at SHOT Show 2018 was to get a few pictures of company logos, here is one of them.

This is Tom from Bullet Safe standing with his buddy wearing a new vest he's now offering.

Bullets and other reloading gear were all over the place. Some booths were even giving out little bags of bullets. These guys weren't, which is good or I would have had a heavier bag to carry to the plane.

Then again, this booth had a scoop for a reason, which was to fill bags with shiny, copper coated lead. Thankfully, I was able to resist the temptation of the shiny objects.

As usual, I had to stop by and see my friends at Bond Arms, and check out the progress on the Bullpup. What's that attached to it? Looking forward to getting my hands on one of these for real. It's an intriguing design.

If you know anything about me, you'd know that I love 1911s. I believe John Moses Browning was a genius who brought us into the modern era of firearms. His classic design is still counted on by many, including this beautiful set from Cabot Arms. One day, I'll own one of their guns.

As hard as I tried, I couldn't break through the crowd to talk to a representative from Caracal. I did try, though.

Colt released a few new products this year, one of them is pictured below.

More signs.

Because, who wouldn't want a double-barreled 1911?

Not sure why anyone would want an engraved pocket pistol, but to each their own.

This pistol was one of the highlights from our day at the range. This is the Glock 19X.

glock 19x

More signs.

This company makes some gorgeous firearms. Do you recognize that guy in the orange hat? You may …

SIG Sauer was one of the stars of the show. Literally, every time I walked into their booth it was like walking through a herd of hippos, wading through the water that was their booth. I rubbed elbows with others just to get this picture, and the few others I was able to snap.

This is Mission First Tactical's new holster offering. It looks promising. It's reversible for left-hand dominate or right-hand dominate shooters.

It's a SIGN!

Here is a picture of Colt's new Night Cobra 38 revolver. Notice the bobbed hammer? Still hoping for a magnum offering at some point in the near future. Even though I'm only 37 years old, I'm old fashioned in that I carry a revolver a few days per week.

Got a pic from our friends at OTIS. Love their products.

Remington was obviously there.

Got a chance to catch up to these guys, and they gave me one of their VR goggle sets to do a review on, stay tuned for that. Here is a review we did on the Urban Carry Revo, in case you missed it.

So, this was interesting, this is an Israeli company who makes products that you can wear, preventing friendly fire. When your muzzle crosses paths with someone or something wearing the sensor, it makes an audible noise to alert you that it's a fellow hunter or friendly.

Talk about pocket pistol. These little guys, if I'm not mistaken, are available in .25, 32, and .380. I'm working on getting one in for a test. And no, it's not that much bigger than the penny.

I snapped this picture at the front desk where registration occurs for the show.

This was from SIG's VIP Media day. It was a great day, filled with bangs and good friends. We're glad we went. This truck's alarm would go off every 20 or so minutes, which made for interesting videos.

This P210 was a highlight of my day with SIG. This thing literally felt like it belonged in my hand. It fit like a glove, and I hated not being able to take it home with me. The trigger was awesome, and the gun was a lot more accurate than I was.

Here's another pic of the new P365 from SIG Sauer. After getting some rounds through it, I feel confident in saying that this gun will revolutionize the concealed carry industry.

sig p365

Here is the IWI revolving shotgun. This one was interesting, as you can imagine. You shoot a tube full of shot shells, rotate the cylinder by hand, and keep shooting.

Here is the Canik TP9SFL.

Each year, someone sponsors the urinals in the men's room. I can't speak about the ladies room, obviously, but there are always funny signs in there. Last year the sign was sponsored by Daniel Defense, and said something like this: wouldn't you rather be holding a DDM4? And, you can't see the small print in the photo, but in the middle X, the one guy is telling the other guy that he's got a nice “watch.”

More signs!

That's about it for SHOT Show in pictures. If you want to see more, just ask. If enough people want to see more pictures, I'll be sure to upload a few more. Make sure you stay tuned, because we still have SHOT Show podcasts coming your way, and more coverage for the next couple of weeks.

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