3 Videos Show Why an Accessible Trauma Kit is so Important

We aren’t the only ones harping on the importance of accessible, quality trauma gear. I pulled three videos from the well-known channel (ASP) Active Self Protection. The host of that channel, John Correia, takes videos that have to do with the application, mindset, legality or tools associated with self defense. He provides thoughtful analysis intended…

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Must See – Gun Disarm Surveillance Video Reveals so Much

gun disarm, photo taken from video clip

This 48-second video clip teaches so many vital lessons about the reality of violence. The lessons are universal and apply to everyone, whether they carry a gun or not. So please consider sharing this post with others. I came across this video clip that shows a supposed off-duty New York Police Officer inside a gas…

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The Sig Sauer P365 Handgun, Now in .380 ACP

Sig sauer concealed carry handgun

It was just a matter of time, and it finally happened. Finally, Finally, Sig Sauer formally released their popular P365 compact handgun in a .380 ACP version. It is no overstatement that the Sig P365 forever changed the concealed carry handgun industry. The P365 Sig provided concealed carriers with a slim, sub-compact 9mm handgun that…

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